Josh Duhamel on Fatherhood, His Beat Up Car, and His Top Secret Video Game

The action star is the new face of GMC's new charitable partnership with Building For America's Bravest

Josh Duhamel
Josh Duhamel (Photo Courtesy of GMC).

Josh Duhamel just announced his role as the face for GMC’s newest partnership with armed services charity, Building For America’s Bravest, and earlier today, the frontman took some time out of his busy filming schedule to discuss his new role as ambassador of the program along with a slew of other personal developments as of late. “I’ve had an affiliation with the military in one way or another since I was a kid growing up near an Air Force base,” he said on the phone from Los Angeles. “I became interested in helping with Veterans, and over the last several years I’ve learned a lot. I’m starting to understand more of what these guys have gone through.” One cornerstone of the Building For America’s Bravest program is to provide custom homes for disabled veterans, many of which Mr. Duhamel has come to know personally. “Really the beauty of this is to allow these guys to live as normal a life as possible because they deserve it man,” he said. “They’ve sacrificed themselves for our country, and its our duty to do whatever we can to help.” 

Mr. Duhamel is also fond of him own GMC wheels. “I bought my Sierra Denali in 2004, brand new, and I just cant get rid of it man,” he said. “It’s like a beat up, old pair of jeans. I should get a new one, but I just can’t do it, and it has Quadrasteer which they stopped making. I love it, but I think I need to get the new Yukon Denali – a new family mobile.” The family man has been married to former Black Eyed Peas front woman-turned-solo hitmaker, Fergie, for over 7 years. The two share a son, Axl, who is keeping the super-dad’s hands full. “I am a father of a 2 1/2 year old, which takes up most of my time, which is the best,” he said. “Between raising him and working there’s not much left for free time, but I’m hoping to get to Minnesota this weekend to take my little man to our lake house.” 

Josh Duhamel, Ben Tomlinson
Josh Duhamel, Ben Tomlinson (Photo Courtesy of GMC).

At the top of his work docket is, of course, his role as Lt. Colonel William Lennox in Michael Bay’s Transformers: The Last Knight. The day before we spoke, Mr. Duhamel was stationed to film his scenes 70 miles outside of Los Angeles in El Mirage, California. “I had never been there and it’s a trip,” he said of the far flung locale. “It’s this giant, flat lakebed with 40 MPH winds that didn’t stop all day, but Michael [Bay]’s set is unlike any other set. He has all of the gadgets and the coolest stuff, and the energy of that set is just really – well, it’s a spectacle, and it’s really changed my career. It’s helped me to pursue other little creative things. I love the big Transformer movies, but I also love these passion projects.” Among these side projects are two more movies – Spaceman and This Is Your Death, which he described as “a trippy movie about a reality show host.” The most mysterious project in development however appears to be a top-secret video game, although the details remain under cover. “I have a video game,” he seemed to reveal by accident, “I cant talk about it yet because I signed something,  but it’s amazing,” he said. Could we expect another homage to the military? “Possibly,” he said slyly. “It’s possible.” 

Josh Duhamel on Fatherhood, His Beat Up Car, and His Top Secret Video Game