‘Keeping Up With the Kardashians’ Recap 12×02: ‘Wait for It, Wait for It’

The Schuyler...er...Kardashian sisters.

The Schuyler…er…Kardashian sisters. E!

“Yeezy, Yeezy, Yeezy, I feel so accomplished.” –Kanye West

This week we got to witness YEEZY, SEASON 3 and the jewel-encrusted, fur lined lifestyle brand vibes that Kanye West just exudes. Jon Snow may be alive but the Kanye West aesthetic is bringing ME life. Reevaluate your Sunday night viewing choices, this season of “Game of Thrones” feels very boring.

Scott is still missing in action (with Tyga), much like Alexander Hamilton during the Election of 1800. I spend so much of my days deciding who is who in the “Hamilton” version of the Kardashian saga. “There’s nothing rich folks love more than going downtown and wearing cornrows even though people repeatedly ask them to stop.”

Lamar is going to be making his first appearance at the Yeezy show since his health scare. He and Khloe were very nervous about this. To add to the stress, apparently Lamar just found out about Caitlyn’s transition and is in the middle of processing it. Khloe wants to make sure everything goes smoothly when they meet on top of the pressure on Lamar to face the public, plus she’s having her own difficulties with her relationship with Caitlyn. Khloe is just feeling a lot of stress and I want to send her a gift card to get a massage because she’s worth it!

Scott Disick couldn’t handle the stress so he went all, “It’s Quiet Uptown,” and didn’t make his way to Madison Square Garden for the show. “If you see him in the streets, walking by himself, talking to himself, have pity.” Everyone else reunited for the big show, including Kim and her blonde wig. Caitlyn and Lamar’s reunion was nice and conflict-free, which is more than can be said for Kim and her blonde wig.

Then the Yeezy show happened, which seemed like it was just models standing there while “The Life of Pablo” played and I would have paid upwards of $250 for a ticket if I’m really being honest with myself. Anna Wintour sat next to Kim which still delights, baffles, and inspires me. Kim Kardashian went from Herve Leger bandage dresses with frosty lips and a wide belt to named Best Dressed at the Met Gala by Anna Wintour. The American Dream is alive and well, people!

We closed with a family dinner, where Caitlyn, Lamar, and the rest of the family were able to connect over all the changes and hardships they’ve faced recently. Caitlyn and Lamar aren’t even married to any Kardashian women any longer but are still embraced as family members and I think that’s very nice. Same with Scott! The Kardashian blood is thicker than the bottled water they sell at Dash with Kim, Kourtney, and Khloe’s faces on it.

The family heads home and thanks God for the fortune they’ve had. Oh and we found out the Kanye West’s music got Lamar through his difficult time and I 100% related with absolutely zero sarcasm, Kanye West’s music is powerful and incredible. Go listen to “Ultralight Beam” and tell me that won’t save your soul. Also Lamar feels like he went to heaven and came back during his coma. This is a God dream. ‘Keeping Up With the Kardashians’ Recap 12×02: ‘Wait for It, Wait for It’