Live Dispatches From the ‘RuPaul’s Drag Race’ Finale Party

Our dutiful RuPaul’s Drag Race aficionado Michael Malice is inside the season 8 finale event. Keep refreshing the page for the latest!

11:29 PM: Bob walks in the room purse first. See you all next year!


Bob. Michael Malice

11:36 PM: The Purse First Dancers


. Michael Malice

11:34 PM: Kim: “I thought the New Yorkers were going to throw tomatoes at me.” Crowd screams no.

Shangela: “No, they throw money.” Crowd does so

11:32 PM: Kim rips off her wig to “Don’t Cry Out Loud.” Huge applause.

Kim Chi.

Kim Chi. Michael Malice

11:29 PM: Song changes to “Rainy Days and Mondays.” Kim Chi grabs a box of tissues and literally leaves the stage. Is this art?

11:26 PM: Kim Chi feigning devastation over her loss, seguing into “The Winner Takes It All.” Clever.

Kim Chi.

Kim Chi. Michael Malice

11:22 PM: Naomi just posing to some cheesy song with her croaking her name to a terrible beat. Still better than Pearl’s trainwreck performance last year. The biggest question left for the night is wtf a Kim Chi performance looks like

11:21 PM: Naomi in her episode one look


Naomi. Michael Malice

11:17 PM: Crowd covering the stage in money, a first for the night.


. Michael Malice

11:14 PM: Chi Chi doing jumps, flips and splits. Insane energy.

Chi Chi

Chi Chi Michael Malice

11:13 PM: Shangela’s intro for Chi Chi gets the biggest applause so far all night, even bigger than Bob’s win

11:10 PM: Shangela and Derrick duet. Audience loses it. Drag at its finest. Chi Chi is up next. If she doesn’t do the Dreamgirls song there might be a riot.

Shangela and Derrick.

Shangela and Derrick. Michael Malice

11:07 PM: Now Derrick breaks into Britney. Superb. Dance moves are flawless


Derrick. Michael Malice

11:05 PM: Derrick performing her new single. Those looking forward to an amazing pro performance are disappointed…as are those hearing the song. It’s awful. Crowd NOT feeling it

11:00 PM: Thorgy with a Thor hammer, spitting on the crowd (with love!)

Thorgy Thor.

Thorny Thor. Michael Malice

10:55 PM: Cynthia performing


Cynthia. Michael Malice

10:52 PM: The crowd


. Michael Malice

10:48 PM: The finalists from the rear

RuPaul's Drag Race season 8 finalists.

RuPaul’s Drag Race season 8 finalists. Michael Malice

10:45 PM: They’re playing an Axe ad. Horror show

10:44 PM: Bob thanking Acid Betty, Thorgy Thor and “the other top two” for giving her shoes. “Please give Naomi Smalls a huge round of applause!” Crowd obliges gladly

10:43 PM: Bob in tears as she gets crowned. “First of all, let me thank everyone in this room. New York City believed in me”


Bob. Michael Malice

10:38 PM:Cynthia comes out to huge crowd reaction. Unprecedented for an early eliminated queen to take the title. Though every single queen we interviewed made it a point to say what a sweetheart she was

10:35 PM: Violet: “Do you follow Shangela on Snapchat?…I’m sorry!”

10:27 PM: Your loyal scribe and Ms. Chachki


. Michael Malice

10:18 PM: Violet just had to persuade security to allow her friends to COME THROUGH to VIP

10:13 PM: Judging by crowd reaction Thorgy is front runner for Miss Congeniality, but in all fairness she threw some of the most shade in confessionals this season

10:01 PM:Shangela asked the crowd who’s going to win. Only audible name is Bob

9:33 PM: Crowd loses it when Kim Chi pulls off her one dance move correctly

9:20 PM: Bob praises a drag queen wearing a Confederate flag. Queens fight PC better than anyone

9:09 PM: Biggest applause for Bob, Chi Chi, Kim, Thorgy, Naomi and Cynthia in that order
Least is Naysha and Derrick

9:00 PM: Shangela: “Bob walks into the club purse first, the places I go, you walk in purse locked. Kim Chi doesn’t walk in, she just kind of stumbles. But boy does she look good when she do!”

8:52 PM: Shangela warms up the crowd. She gave the order as Bob, Naomi and then Kim…implying Bob wins as expected

8:48 PM: Violet does a repeat of last year’s silks performance


Violet. Michael Malice

8:15 PM: The crowd is thirsty!


. Michael Malice

7:43 PM: No idea what this is!

No one does!

No one does! Michael Malice

7:39 PM: Kim Chi’s ginormous heels


. courtesty Logo TV

7:35 PM: You CAN sit with Dina Lohan

Dina Lohan.

Dina Lohan. Michael Malice

7:31 PM: Last year’s winner Violet Chachki

Violet Chachki.

Violet Chachki. Michale Malice

7:31 PM: TV personality New York is in the building.

New York.

New York. Michael Malice

7:30 PM: Sun’s out, guns out with Chi Chi DeVayne.

Chi Chi DeVayne.

Chi Chi DeVayne. Michael Malice

7:29 PM: TV personality New York is in the building. Shangela is working the carpet.


Shangela. Michael Malice

7:24 PM: It’s Derrick, bitch!


Derrick. Michael Malice

7:23 PM: Naomi Smalls isn’t seven foot tall in person?!

Naomi Smalls.

Naomi Smalls. Michael Malice

7:20 PM: Kim Chi will be visiting South Korea, no plans on the North.

Kim Chi.

Kim Chi. Michael Malice

7:18 PM: Thorgy Thor arrives

Thorgy Thor.

Thorgy Thor. Michael Malice.

Live Dispatches From the ‘RuPaul’s Drag Race’ Finale Party