MEMORIAL DAY 2016: I Will Not Forget


While we celebrate let’s pause to remember the brave Americans who died serving our country.

Many talk about going to war and “boots on the ground” as if our men and women who serve this country are miniature robots to be deployed every time America needs to send a message to rest of the world.

These same war mongers beat their chests and speak with wild bravado, yet they would be the last to fight, and the very last to sacrifice the lives of their precious sons and daughters.

Our fallen heroes are somebody’s sons, and daughters. They are somebody’s father, uncle, aunt and grandfather. When we pause to remember these men and women let’s think about what further contributions they could have made to this country had their lives been spared to return home. Let’s also consider the families and friends they left behind, and how their lives were altered as a result of their loss.

Every Memorial Day when I gather with the North Plainfield community at local burial grounds and memorial sites to place wreaths and plant flags, I’m always gripped by an overwhelming sense of gratitude and a reinstated sense of responsibility to preserve the freedoms that theses brave souls fought and died to protect.

I believe one of the best ways to honor the memory of our fallen heroes is to send fewer Americans to war.  May we, as a country, have the wisdom to consider war as the absolute final resort.

May we have the wisdom to teach our children that Memorial Day means more than a day off from school, backyard barbecues, and 50% retail discounts.

May we be inspired by the courage of our fallen heroes to serve our communities in whatever small ways we can.

Forever grateful to our war heroes; I will not forget their sacrifice.

Keiona R. MIller is a Councilwoman in North Plainfield.

MEMORIAL DAY 2016: I Will Not Forget