Murphy Petition Tells Christie to ‘Quit Now’

Murphy before an event with Mexican-American community members.

Murphy says Christie should quit.

Gubernatorial candidate Phil Murphy launched an online petition drive on Thursday telling current New Jersey Governor Chris Christie to step down from his post.

“It’s time for Christie to resign,” said Murphy in a statement. “We need a governor who puts New Jersey first – not Donald Trump.”

According to Murphy, Christie has spent too much time campaigning as a surrogate for Trump, the presidential candidate he has endorsed.

New poll shows Christie behind all other except Cruz and Palin in Trump VP poll (Photo: Reuters)

Christie and Trump. (Photo: Reuters)

“We want to give voice to the New Jerseyans who are tired of seeing their governor sell them out for his own political ambitions,” Murphy said.

This isn’t the first time Murphy has called upon Christie to quit. When he was the Chairman of New Way for New Jersey, Murphy led a petition driving urging the governor to step down that garnered over 20,000 signatures.

Murphy is a Democrat and a supporter of former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton for president. He is the only major Democratic candidate who has officially announced candidacy in the 2017 gubernatorial race. He has never held office in New Jersey but served as the U.S. Ambassador to Germany under President Barack Obama.

The online petition can be found at As of press time, the petition has gotten around 600 signatures.

Governor Christie’s approval rating currently sits at 26 percent, according to a recently released FDU poll.

  Murphy Petition Tells Christie to ‘Quit Now’