Norcross: Fulop Making a Fool of Himself

Embroiled in the Atlantic City crisis, George Norcross III today struck back at Jersey City Mayor Steven Fulop, who this morning swung at Norcross and the South Jersey Democratic leader’s connection to Republican Governor Chris Christie.

“I have never hid my interest in ensuring that South Jersey is strong and united,” Norcross said in an emailed statement. “For 30 years, I have been single minded in trying to build our region and ensure that it gets the respect and support it deserves. The collapse of Atlantic City presents a risk not just to Atlantic City, but to the entire region. Other than political ambition, I do not know why elected officials from North Jersey, primarily Mayor Fulop and Speaker Preto, would be blocking a plan that has broad bi-partisan support and would protect the taxpayers, workers and families of Atlantic City. I can only question whether today’s release is a sign that the bill Speaker Prieto is finally running later this week is likely to fail and Mayor Fulop wants no blame for the delay that has put the city at risk.

“I don’t have much else to say about the Mayor Fulop’s release — my father always told me never to interrupt someone making a fool out of themselves — but it is important to note that the Mayor did not always have a negative impression of me. He has repeatedly sought my advice and support, including just a few months ago when he traveled 2 hours to my office in South Jersey and begged for my support for Governor. I respectfully declined, but perhaps that rejection is behind today’s unhinged statement.” Norcross: Fulop Making a Fool of Himself