Orange Mayoral Challenger Morrell Claims Warren Had DPW Take Down Signs

One of the challengers in the Orange mayor’s race, Jan Morrell, is claiming that incumbent Mayor Dwayne Warren has had Orange Department of Public Works employees circling Orange and removing her campaign signs from the lawns of supporters. On the day before the campaign, Morrell’s team started circulating images of what appears to be a DPW truck with lawn signs in the truck bed.

The campaign sign photo was circulated by Morrell's team.

The campaign sign photo was circulated by Morrell’s team.

“The Public Works Department on city time and taxpayer dime have been removing my lawn signs from resident’s homes and private property almost since the beginning of this campaign,” Morrell said. She also alleges that some of the sign removal has taken place on Sundays and that DPW employees are being paid “time and a half or double time” to remove the signs.

“That is a misuse of our taxpayer dollars and as I understand it is illegal,” Morrell said. “I have had people coming in and out of my headquarters asking for signs to replace the signs that mysteriously have disappeared.”

Pat Arthur is an Orange resident and Morrell supporter. While she would not speculate on who was taking the signs from her lawn, she did confirm that signs had been removed from her property without her consent.

“I don’t know who is doing it so I am not going to say it was this one or that one,” Arthur said. “I have never seen who is doing it.”

The other mayoral challenger, Councilman Kerry Coley, has also faced scrutiny for allegedly removing lawn signs. Last week the Warren campaign alleged that Coley had been removing lawn signs from the homes of residents who support him.

PolitickerNJ reached out to the Department of Public Works but the supervisor could not be reached for comment. An employee said she that the DPW was not removing any signs to her knowledge. PolitickerNJ also reached out to Dwayne Warren’s campaign but he did not respond to inquiries. Orange Mayoral Challenger Morrell Claims Warren Had DPW Take Down Signs