PolitickerNJ News Digest: May 11th


It’s Wednesday, and the questions in Trenton swirl around whose participation in Bridgegate might be revealed, how Chris Christie’s performance in a new poll will impact his chances at scoring the VP slot on the Trump slate and will the state ever act on an Atlantic City bailout plan? Meanwhile, read on for the results of a few hard-fought elections.

Judge Orders Release of Bridgegate Co-Conspirator Names
A Newark judge today ordered that federal prosecutors must release the names of unindicted co-conspirators who were involved in the George Washington Bridge lane closure scandal.
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Christie Trails Only Cruz, Palin in New Poll on Trump’s Potential Running Mate
As the Trump candidacy beings in earnest, a new poll of registered Republican voters shows Governor Chris Christie coming in ahead of only Ted Cruz and Sarah Palin in unfavorable responses. Christie did, however, edge out the competition in the sheer reach of his public profile — fewer respondents reported not having heard of him than not having heard of John Kasich, Ben Carson and Carly Fiorina. Cruz was the best known but least favored, and John Kasich lead the pack with 38 percent favorability and 32 percent unfavorability.
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Plot Thickens for Transportation Trust Fund as Turner Proposes Tax Break for the Poor
Senate Democrats announced a bill to raise New Jersey’s Earned Income Tax Credit by ten percent Tuesday, predicting that the move would cost the state $120 million but generate $180 million worth of increased economic activity. The bill from Senator Shirley Turner (D-15) bill is the latest development in the legislature’s amorphous definition of “tax fairness,” the phrase that Governor Chris Christie lit on when asked about the compromises he is willing to make to raise the state’s gas tax in an attempt to fund the ailing Transportation Trust Fund.
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Sweeney Lays the Blame with Prieto on AC Stalemate
Amid rumors of another meeting between Assembly Speaker Vince Prieto (D-32) and South Jersey loyalists on the proposed state takeover of Atlantic City, Senate President Steve Sweeney (D-3) laid into Prieto and Atlantic City’s local government for what he called their unwillingness to compromise on its terms. Sweeney did not mince words Tuesday as he predicted disastrous consequences for the gaming enclave and the state as a whole if it defaults as the upper and lower houses bicker.
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Kean to Serve on Committee Boosting Republicans in 2016 Cycle’s Statewide Elections
State Senate Minority Leader Tom Kean Jr. (R-21) announced Tuesday that he will serve on the 2016 Republican Legislative Campaign Committee, part of the Republican State Leadership Committee. The organization includes state Senate leadership from across the country and works to shore up Republican seats in state legislative races across the country. The RSLC last contributed to statewide elections in New Jersey in 2013.
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Warren Wins Reelection in Orange
Orange Mayor Dwayne Warren tonight defeated challengers Kerry Coley and Janice Morrell in a toughly contested local election in Essex County.
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Sayegh Prevails in Hard-Fought Paterson Ward 6 Council Race
In a classic, door-to-door election, incumbent Ward 6 Councilman Andre Sayegh tonight defeated tough challenger Al Abdel-Aziz to earn a third four-year term in office.
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Into the Vortex: Sayegh V. Abdel-Aziz in Paterson’s 6th Ward
The mountain sits darkly on the tops of the buildings in that part of the city, Pascrell country, and lately the setting for this year’s most intense ward contest: a battle among the hookah lounges, falafel huts, kabob houses and oddball pizza parlor.
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WATCH: Sayegh Points the Finger at Torres Over School 24 Mayhem
The closure of 20th Avenue, close to polling station School 24, has supporters of Ward 6 Councilman Andre Sayegh livid.
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Paterson Dogfight: Sayegh Battling for Ward 6
It’s his toughest ward election in eight years.
He knows it.
Everyone knows it.
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Essex Clerk: Orange Voter Turnout Higher than Usual Today
Citywide races in Orange usually result in about 4,000 people voting.
But they will exceed that mark today in the city as voters go to the polls to choose a mayor, according to Essex County Clerk Chris Durkin.
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Trump says he’s narrowed VP shortlist; has not ruled out Christie
Donald Trump, the Republicans’ presumptive presidential nominee, says he’s narrowed his list of potential running mates to “five or six people,” all with deep political resumes.
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Is Christie closer to VP now that he’s Trump’s transition team leader?
Does Gov. Chris Christie’s new role as the chairman of Donald Trump’s presidential transition team make him more or less likely to become the tycoon’s running mate? Is it a real assignment or just a symbolic one?
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2 unions resume efforts to reach new deals with NJ Transit
Two rail workers unions that recently rejected tentative contracts with New Jersey Transit are resuming efforts to reach new deals.
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Final vote on Jersey City’s 30-hour workweek bill will be postponed
A controversial, union-backed measure that would require some employers provide a minimum of 30-hour workweeks won’t be voted on as scheduled tomorrow night.
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Bill Clinton stumping for Hillary in N.J. on Friday
Former President Bill Clinton is coming to New Jersey Friday for a pair of public events to support Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign.
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Senate Budget Committee Quizzes Acting Treasurer
t’s the Senate Budget Committee, so, theoretically, their minds are on your money and your money is on their minds, and so it was, today, in the middle of the Trenton budget process, that senators took their turns quizzing the acting state treasurer and his staff on a myriad of potential revenue enhancers and revenue drains on the state budget, be it returns on pension investments or future casino revenues.
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Chris Christie facing squeeze on property taxes
Republican Gov. Chris Christie says he’s working on a plan to slash property taxes, but there are complications — a push from Democratic lawmakers to reduce payroll taxes for low- and moderate-income workers.
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Goldstein: Kelly nomination ‘disgusting’
The real-life characters of the movie “Freeheld,” which chronicled a same-sex couple’s fight to share public pension benefits, added their voices Tuesday to those opposing the nomination of Ocean County Freeholder Jack Kelly to the New Jersey Parole Board.
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Donald Trump’s presidential hopes are riding on the son of a legendary Atlantic City lawyer
Don McGahn’s picture is conspicuously missing from the wall of former commissioners at the Federal Election Commission, and it’s nowhere on the agency’s website.
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Second Morris County freeholder hopeful files charge against incumbent
Morris County Freeholder candidate Louis Valori has joined running-mate Peter King in filing a criminal complaint for “false swearing” against incumbent Freeholder Thomas Mastrangelo, who has accused them and two others of releasing records about his past that they allegedly knew were expunged.
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PolitickerNJ News Digest: May 11th