PolitickerNJ News Digest: May 23rd

Senator Cory Booker.

Senator Cory Booker.

It’s Monday morning, time to take a look at last week’s winners and losers in state politics before jumping into another week of Trenton craziness.

NJ Must Consider the Feasibility of a Variable-Rate Gas Tax to Replenish TTF
New Jersey is comprised of nearly 40,000 miles of roadways that connect our state’s diverse and unique assets. It is estimated that over one third of New Jersey’s major roads are in poor condition, an issue that contributes to severe traffic and vehicle damage. Furthermore, over one third of our state’s bridges require repair, serious improvement or a complete replacement.
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Elected Officials, Activist Groups Push Sick Day Legislation
There are 32 municipalities across the United States that have legislation dedicated to securing paid sick leave for workers. Of those 32, 12 are in New Jersey.
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Speculating LD29
That long kicked around rumor about Assemblywoman L. Grace Spencer (D-29) departing the legislature for a judgeship appears now to be on a fast track to fruition.
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Payne: Sanders Is Trying to ‘Damage and Destroy’ Democratic Party
As New Jersey barrels toward the unusually relevant June 7 presidential primary, one of former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s most ardent supporters in New Jersey’s congressional delegation shared his thoughts on her competitor for the Democratic nomination Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders. Congressman Donald Payne Jr. (D-10) said that he believes that Clinton will become the eventual Democratic nominee despite Sanders’ continued presence in the presidential race.
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John Doe fight renews George Washington Bridge speculation
Speculation soared last week as a judge prepared to release the names of political insiders who prosecutors say are linked to the George Washington Bridge scandal, including a mysterious John Doe fighting to keep his name secret.
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Christie stuck in legal jam over GWB
Chris Christie can’t seem to get off the George Washington Bridge. This is not a good thing for a guy who seems desperate to leave New Jersey on Donald Trump’s coattails.
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Meet a N.J. millionaire who welcomes higher taxes – he’s not alone
Eric Schoenberg, 54, is a New Jersey millionaire — and he believes he should be paying more in taxes.
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Poll: Should Trump pick Christie as vice president?
As speculation swirls over whom Donald Trump, the presumptive Republican presidential nominee, will pick as his running mate, a few names keep surfacing as possibilities.
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Cooney, Codey battle for New Jersey kids
Gerry Cooney is 59, but still acts like the big playful puppy who doesn’t know its own strength.
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Are Christie’s N.J. town halls a thing of the past?
They helped to brand him as a blunt, straight-talking politician eager to hear directly with his constituents and, when the time called for it, engage in heated verbal spats that spawned viral videos that would go on to be viewed by millions.
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In Delran, Facebook political post brings a cop’s call
Lucy Horton says she could scarcely believe her ears.
Hours after she had called Delran’s mayor Ken Paris “unprofessional and unethical” on her Facebook page, a township police sergeant was on the phone, “informing me that if I didn’t take the Facebook post down, the mayor would be pressing harassment charges.”
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Van Glahn takes aim again at Frelinghuysen
Rick Van Glahn was unsuccessful in his first bid to unseat Rep. Rodney Frelinghuysen as Congressman to the 11th District.
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