PolitickerNJ News Digest: May 4th

Guardian, his staff and private investors discuss plans to create a pedestrian community space on Tennessee Avenue

Guardian, his staff and private investors discuss plans to create a pedestrian community space on Tennessee Avenue

It’s Wednesday, and with Donald Trump’s victory in Indiana, speculation turns to what further role Gov. Chris Christie will play in a Trump presidential run. Meanwhile, the war of words on Atlantic City continues ahead of Thursday’s assembly vote.

Quote of the Day: “Other than political ambition, I do not know why elected officials from North Jersey, primarily Mayor Fulop and Speaker Preto, would be blocking a plan that has broad bi-partisan support and would protect the taxpayers, workers and families of Atlantic City,” – George Norcross III attacking opponents of a state takeover of Atlantic City’s finances and assets.
Christie Files Nominations
Governor Chris Christie re-filed the following nominations with the State Senate today. These nominations were filed during the 2015 annual session, but were not acted upon by the State Senate. Governor Chris Christie also filed the following new nominations with the State Senate. The Governor’s nominations are subject to the advice and consent of the State Senate. Governor Chris Christie also filed the following direct appointment with the Secretary of State’s Office.
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Fulop Attacks Christie-Sweeney-Norcross Atlantic City Alliance
Amid the ongoing Atlantic City crisis and a north-south standoff with a bill he backs apparently in the docket on Thursday, Jersey City Mayor Steven Fulop unleashed a torrent of criticism aimed at the triumvirate of Gov. Chris Christie, state Senate President Steve Sweeney (D-3) and South Jersey Democratic Leader George Norcross III.
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Norcross: Fulop Making a Fool of Himself
Embroiled in the Atlantic City crisis, George Norcross III today struck back at Jersey City Mayor Steven Fulop, who this morning swung at Norcross and the South Jersey Democratic leader’s connection to Republican Governor Chris Christie.
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Sweeney: The Mayor of Jersey City Should Worry About Jersey City
The fact that Jersey City and Atlantic City are at opposite ends of the state didn’t stop Jersey City Mayor Steve Fulop from sharing his two cents on the looming crisis. Earlier today, Fulop criticized the alliance between Senate President Steve Sweeney, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie and South Jersey Democratic leader George Norcross.
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Handyman Prieto Rushes to Green’s Aid
Assemblyman (and Union County Democratic Chairman) Jerry Green yesterday told PolitickerNJ that he backs Speaker Vincent Prieto’s (D-32) Atlantic City takeover bill, and so it was with something akin to gratitude at last night’s annual Jefferson-Jackson dinner when Prieto rose to intervene during a Green microphone malfunction.
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As Atlantic City Awaits Takeover Vote, County Shrugs
With a bill that would delay a state takeover of Atlantic City headed to the Assembly floor this Thursday, Atlantic County Republicans said Tuesday that they have not been involved in courting support for the bill despite the county’s own Assemblyman Chris Brown (R-2) coming on as co-sponsor. Brown has called the takeover bill passed in the Senate an act of “patronage” to private investors, with sources saying that the vocal anti-takeover Republican has been making calls to help the Assembly bill from Speaker Vince Prieto (D-32) reach a 41-vote majority.
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State Legislation Needed to Close Loopholes in Pay-to-Play Laws
Government purchasing agents from throughout the State gathered in Atlantic City last week for a conference sponsored by the Rutgers Center for Government Services.
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Food Fighting Fatigued Bramnick Wants to Force Trenton Leaders to Talk to One Another
If it feels a little like a sandbox in Trenton with communication consisting of sand getting kicked and thrown in fistfuls amid more lower primate howling than talking, Assembly Minority Leader Jon Bramnick (R-21) wants to activate mandatory high chairs, position them in a uniformly forward-facing position, and require collective engagement of that ever elusive mode of interaction called human speech.
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PNJ Editorial: Shah of Edison the Best Pick for Assembly Seat in LD18
With all due respect to those Edison Democratic Committee members, we think they missed an opportunity tonight when all but four of them chose not to vote for Councilwoman Sapana Shah for an LD18 assembly seat.
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Ted Cruz suspends presidential campaign after Indiana loss
Texas Sen. Ted Cruz announced Tuesday that he was ending his presidential campaign after losing the Indiana primary.
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Report: Two companies have ‘effectively monopolized’ online sale of tax liens in N.J.
Two companies sanctioned by state officials to operate under their own rules have come to dominate a growing and lucrative industry in New Jersey, collecting nearly $1 million in fees last year after arranging online auctions for municipalities selling off their residents’ tax liens, according to a report released Tuesday.
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Cruz N.J. chairman Steve Lonegan uses crude remark to link Trump, Clinton
Steve Lonegan, the New Jersey State Chairman for the Ted Cruz campaign and a former mayor of Bogota, coarsely described Donald Trump as a male version of Hillary Clinton in an interview with CNN on Tuesday, and said he does not expect Republican voters to nominate him as their general-election standard-bearer.
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Christie: Death of NJIT student killed at frat house ‘an extraordinary tragedy’
The slaying of a 23-year-old New Jersey Institute of Technology student this week was “an extraordinary tragedy” for the school and state, Governor Christie said at a news conference at the university Tuesday morning.
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Judge to rule in June on whether ex-Passaic Valley Sewerage Commission supervisor can retract guilty plea
A judge in Paterson will rule next month on whether a former supervisor at the Passaic Valley Sewerage Commission should be allowed to withdraw his guilty plea to charges that he used commission employees to do repairs at his home.
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What happened to Christie’s Bridgegate cell phone?
What happened to the cell phone Gov. Chris Christie was using during the lane closures at the George Washington Bridge is becoming a crucial part of the criminal defense of a key Bridgegate defendant.
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Trump campaign set to open N.J. headquarters
Donald Trump’s presidential campaign will host a grand opening for its New Jersey headquarters Tuesday night, a little more than a month before the Garden State’s primary.
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Liberty State Park advocates ‘counting down’ the days until Christie leaves office
Advocates of Liberty State Park took aim at Gov. Chris Christie and the state’s potential plans for development inside the park during an awards ceremony celebrating LSP’s 40th birthday.
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Christie vetoes bill to restore help for homeless, wants people to prove hardship
Gov. Chris Christie partially vetoed a bill Monday that would have permanently restored housing assistance to thousands of chronically homeless and disabled people who lost aid when the program expired last year.
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Kelly nominated again to Parole Board
Ocean County Freeholder Director Jack Kelly has been nominated a second time by Gov. Chris Christie to a lucrative patronage seat on the State Parole Board, Kelly and a key county Republican leader told The Asbury Park Press.
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Chris Christie and Cory Booker give NJ buzz in VP sweepstakes
Guess which state is home to two people being talked about to fill Joe Biden’s shoes as vice president? Hint: It’s the only place where you can order pork roll and not get a blank stare.
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