Report: Balles to Run for Atlantic County Exec in 2019

Frank Balles, an administrative captain with the Pleasantville Police Department, will challenge Sheriff James McGettigan

Atlantic County Sheriff Frank Balles today announced on the 104.1 “Hurley in the Morning” show that he will run for county executive in 2019, presumably against fellow Republican Denny Levinson.

Host Harry Hurley described the show as an “epic give and take, live, over the airwaves, regarding Balles’ desire to receive a salary increase vs. Levinson’s opposition.” Balles’ salary has been set at 65 percent of the salary of a New Jersey Superior Court Judge. These Constitutional Officers have been bound by this salary formula.

Against that backdrop, Balles criticized Levinson for taking more than $ 16,000 in salary increases. Levinson criticized Balles repeatedly for requesting a salary increase during very tough financial times.

During the course of the discussion, Balles confirmed that he will not be running for the-election next year, and would not rule out leaving office before the end of this year.

At the very end of the interview, Balles dropped a block-buster, announcing for the first time that he plans to run for Atlantic County Executive.

The entire interview will be streaming shortly at Report: Balles to Run for Atlantic County Exec in 2019