Social Download: Internet Reacts to White House Correspondents’ Dinner, ‘Orphan Black’ and Jon Snow

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Obviously, the big TV event this weekend was the White House Correspondents’ Dinner, where members of the press corp mingled with movie stars and politicians, with the tacit understanding that everyone in that room can think of a million other ways they’d rather be spending their time.

But actually? Was it even that bad? Highlights!

Larry Wilmore dropped the N-word on P.O.T.U.S., which was…umm….:

Some made jokes:

A lot more made “Becky with the good hair” references:

Maybe there isn’t really that much more to say that wasn’t already said by the President and his team of Snapchat reference writers?


But if you thought D.C. was run by heartless robots who want to destroy the world, a quick reminder: Orphan Black is a much scarier kind of #nerdprom.

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I'm ok😊 #orphanblack #ob #tatianamaslany #cloneclub

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If you’ve forgotten that theInternet is horrifying forever, seriously, check out Orphan Black hashtags. What is this show even about, with those sheep masks? Like I see the clone connection, but honestly the masks are very You’re Next (meets Mad Dogs):


Moving on: Game of Thrones had a HUGE spoiler this week:


The only way to explain the Wall situation to people who don’t watch the show is with some terrible Trump analogy where the Mexicans have giants and are technically coming from the North. (So…Canada?) Either way, this:–oN6d/


Also, we know so much more about Bran. Like, he’s got a new friend?


No, but seriously folks:


Did anyone else have their fingers SUPER-crossed that this was how Ser Davos planned on getting out of that room?


And just some fun with Bran and Hodor:


So, are we all feeling good? Great! Here’s a couple bucks, go buy yourself a Coke.

Social Download: Internet Reacts to White House Correspondents’ Dinner, ‘Orphan Black’ and Jon Snow