The AC Mess Factor 2: Green Also Resisted



He was the friendly avuncular local supplier of any number of platforms and stages for Senate President Steve Sweeney (D-3), who peppered his own evolving statewide run for office with at least one pamphlet spray of Green’s Plainfield. his face plastered all over them.

But Green turned down an offer by South Jersey to take the speakership away from Speaker Vincent Prieto (D-32), and then bunkered in with Prieto, according to source familiar with the backroom ravages going on right now over the Atlantic City state takeover bill.

By the way, since it’s volatile, don’t take any of this to the bank.

Someone’s knuckles may yet break, but at least coming off the weekend, Green had settled in with the Prieto crowd ahead of this coming Thursday’s floor vote.

What’s interesting about this is – in addition to Green asserting independence from a south that long bragged about the ease with which it could corral any number of pliable North Jersey chairs, the Union County version among them – is Green’s closeness to Middlesex County Democratic Chairman Kevin McCabe.

McCabe’s caucus also appears to be lining up with Prieto, and the combination of McCabe and Green should not be considered accidental.

During the 2014 Democratic Primary for the 12th Congressional District contest, McCabe and Green went out to dinner for the first time. They figured their two counties abutted each other and they could only stand to gain within the gale forces of New Jersey politics if they tried whenever possible to stick together.

This appears to be one of those cases when they have indeed stuck.

It’s still volatile, but one source close to the ongoing drama explained that Green – an old school gentleman with an approachable demeanor, also had, not far under the surface, a capacity to go old school in a street fight too.

He simply tired of the harassing, bullying phone calls.

At least at the start of this week, Green doesn’t look like he’ll be applying anytime soon to be the president of the Steve Sweeney for governor fan club, that is if one sees the Atlantic City fight as a precursor to 2017, which – here’s a hint – it is. But you can bet he will be talking to McCabe as we get closer to that statewide contest next year. Don’t rule out the two of them standing together behind a gubernatorial candidate.

The AC Mess Factor 2: Green Also Resisted