The Best Songs You Missed Last Week: Band of Horses, Kyla La Grange, More

With Drake dropping his new album Views, you probably didn’t have a chance to listen to much else last week, so we’re here to catch you up on all the other essential new music. This week, we’re featuring new tracks from Calvin Harris and Rihanna, Blink-182, Zedd and Kesha, Band of Horses and Kyla La Grange.

Calvin Harris ft. Rihanna


This could be called “We Found Love (Part 2)”, but sure, “This Is What You Came For. Rihanna’s airy vocals over Harris’ beats make for the ultimate trap-house track. But it really sounds like a love song to Taylor Swift, which makes us love it even more. Hopefully these guys will keep collaboratingeverything they make turns to gold.



Blink-182’s lates is such an “old” Blink-182 song, it’s glorious. The boys are back with an anthemic, carpe diem single that makes us want to be 17 again. If only Tom DeLonge would rejoin the band.

Zedd ft. Kesha


We’re so thankful for Zedd and Kesha’s friendship. Zedd really helped Kesha release a statement track that’s dark and lets her have the last word against Dr. Luke. It seems like she’s putting her career on reset, and it’s gonna be good.

Band of Horses


Band of Horses’ newest song sounds like one of the band’s classic tracks. It’s pure indie-rock at its finest, and if there’s anything you can depend on, it’s Band of Horses’ ability to be consistent with their talent. Also, head thrashing and awkward dancing is encouraged on this one.

Kyla La Grange


Kyla La Grange is back with a haunting, synth-heavy dance jam that sounds like shimmering colors. La Grange does a great job at creating ethereal tracks, and this one is no different. Hopefully we’ll be hearing much more music from her soon. The Best Songs You Missed Last Week: Band of Horses, Kyla La Grange, More