VIDEO: Sayegh Walks Down to the Wire in Ward 6



PATERSON – The sound of shoe leather slapping cement carried up Florida Avenue in the 6th ward as Councilman Andre Sayegh went door to door on his base, working to turn out voters as part of a counter-offensive to Al Abdel-Aziz in this fiercely contested election.

Sayegh’s challenger and Mayor Jose “Joey” Torres campaigned at the chain link entranceway to School 25, historically a voter-rich area for the councilman, and in response Sayegh hit the doors in the same neighborhood, making person  to person contact.

“You’ve got an hour to vote,” he told a man on his front porch, and the man reached for car keys with a promise to get to School 25.

Long the embodiment of aggressive GOTV in Paterson, the councilman today faced his stiffest ward-wide test as he tried to withstand Torres’s efforts at payback in the person of Abdel-Aziz.



  VIDEO: Sayegh Walks Down to the Wire in Ward 6