Wilda Diaz Kicks of Mayoral Reelection Campaign, Announces Slate

Wilda Diaz

Irizarry, Diaz and Caba.

PERTH AMBOY – Mayor Wilda Diaz has announced that Perth Amboy Councilman Fernando Irizarry and Jelmin Caba will on her slate as council candidates as she pursues reelection to her third term as mayor. The announcement came at a Wednesday night event that marked the official kickoff of the campaign.

“I gave very careful thought to selecting a team that can build on my accomplishments of the last eight years in both redeveloping our great city and handling challenges like those presented by Superstorm Sandy,” Diaz said during her announcement at Perth Amboy’s Trike Master’s Motorcycle Club. “We have made significant strides but we know there are many challenges ahead of us.”

According to Diaz, she aims to make Perth Amboy a stronger community if reelected. The mayor said she will focus on “fiscal policies that put taxpayers first,” investing in the local economy, creating jobs and “building a model community to live, work and play.”

Diaz said that youth services will be a focus of her next term if she is reelected. She says she hopes to institute more recreation and an improvement in education.

Irizarry is a science teacher and minister who was first elected to the council in 2012. He was also a part of Diaz’s slate during that election. According to Irizarry, he will continue the work he has done under the Diaz administration if reelected.

“Mayor Diaz and I have balanced finances and reduced debt, improved services and stabilized taxes,” Irizarry said.

Caba is a member of the Perth Amboy Municipal Alliance. He is pursuing his first term in office and said he is excited to be part of Diaz’s team this election.

“Mayor Wilda Diaz has done a great job over the past eight years at restoring Perth Amboy,” Caba said. “Under her strong and honest leadership Perth Amboy has experiences unprecedented growth. We need to make sure this progress continues. I hope to bring a new and fresh perspective to the Perth Amboy City Council.”

Mayor Diaz is currently the only Latina mayor elected in the state. She has been serving as Perth Amboy mayor since 2008.

Councilman Fernando Gonzalez has suggested that he will run for mayor but has yet to make his candidacy official.

The municipal election will be held on November 8.

Wilda Diaz Kicks of Mayoral Reelection Campaign, Announces Slate