Afternoon Bulletin: Subway Riders Stand Up to Groping, Weed Chomping Goats and More

Subway Assault
Hundreds of sex crimes occur on the subway every year, but there has been a 57% increase in reports Photo by Spencer Platt/Getty Images

Subway riders are striking back against sexual harassment. While there has been a 57% increase in reported sex crimes, the NYPD has attributed the numbers to more people speaking out when an incident occurs. The news comes after a campaign by the MTA urging urge riders to report sex crimes through the use of posters, automated announcements, a webpage for victims to report through, and an app to facilitate sending pictures of the perps. (ABC)

Our brothers in blue are now riding around sporting rainbow in support of the Orlando shooting—or at least one police vehicle is. The NYPD vehicle is showing support for the New York City LGBT community and the victims of the tragedy in Orlando. In addition to the rainbow colors, the car reads “Our [heart] goes out to Orlando” and “Price Equality Peace”. The shield portrayed on the vehicle is also rainbow. The Orlando PD is loving the new makeover, tweeting out a photo with the caption “Some love from NYPD. Thank you all! #OrlandoUnited”. (amNY)

Bernie Sanders will appear at NYC Town Hall tonight with the subject, “Where We Go From Here”. In an interview with C-SPAN yesterday, Sanders admitted that it appears he will not be the nominee for the democratic party. His event is open to the public, with RSVPs encouraged. (Gothamist)

The no-beard policy of the NYPD is being challenged on the grounds of religious freedom. A class action lawsuit was filed Wednesday after a Muslim officer, Masood Syed, claimed to have been suspended for refusing to shave his 1-inch beard during Ramadan. The police department says that the policy is necessary for safety purposes, but Officer Syed’s attorneys argue that it infringes on the right to religious freedom of more than 100 officers. (New York Times)

Have no fear, the goats are here. Well, they’re going to be in Brooklyn Bridge Park. Four Nubian Goats—named Horatio, Eyebrows, Minnie, and Hector—will appear at the park to clear the growth of weeds at the Pier 3 uplands. The ecologically-friendly goat weed-clearing program is not the first in the city, others have been introduced in Prospect Park, Freshkills Park, and Pelham Bay Park. The goats will work within a fence by day, and sleep in a locked shed by night. The Brooklyn Bridge Park staff will be overseeing the herd. (DNAinfo) Afternoon Bulletin: Subway Riders Stand Up to Groping, Weed Chomping Goats and More