Apocalyptic Animation: Legendary Sea Monsters, Ship Wrecks, This July in Times Square

Still of multimedia animation, 'Voyage', by Beau Stanton
Still of multimedia animation, Voyage, by Beau Stanton Photo: Beau Stanton

Times Square becomes a digital art gallery each night with “Midnight Moment,” the monthly presentation of a coordinated animation across its electronic billboards. For July’s Midnight Moment, artist Beau Stanton presents Voyage, a multimedia animation of a surreal nautical journey.

For three minutes before midnight each night in the month, the billboards and newsstands of Times Square will transport onlookers onto a tumultuous ocean, complete with mythical sea creatures and haunting shipwrecks. Replete with archetypal symbols and apocalyptic themes, Stanton’s new animation depicts man’s eternal struggle with nature in combination with current environmental concerns.

Voyage is to be an “immersive experience,” according to a press release. For Stanton—a multi-disciplinary artist with particular interest in iconography—his brief film causes the viewer to feel “like they have just wandered into another world by visually submerging Times Square below the sea.” This is a visual that engulfs you, as the portholes of a traveling ship flash across the screens of Times Square, taking you on a journey through time and space, where you encounter the likes of the legendary giant sea monster, the kraken, and the great leviathan. Think concrete jungle meets apocalyptic sea voyage.

Stanton is well known for his oil paintings, large scale installations, stained glass, and multimedia animations. His work tends to combine religious iconography together with apocalyptic themes and a more modern technique of printing, overlaid with vibrant colors, which has the effect of blurring the boundaries of time and space. Indeed, through Voyage, Stanton obscures these defining modes of existence, plummeting New York City’s hub into the great deep.

Previous artists featured in the Midnight Moment program include Saya Woolfak, Jennifer Steinkamp, Soundwalk Collective, Lorna Mills, Peter Fischli and David Weiss.

Voyage, July’s Midnight Moment, transforms the screens of Times Square into an apocalyptic vision of the sea each night this month. Apocalyptic Animation: Legendary Sea Monsters, Ship Wrecks, This July in Times Square