Donnelly Blasts Supreme Court Decision on Pensions

Eddie Donnelly

Eddie Donnelly

The New Jersey Supreme Court today upheld a law freezing cost-of-living adjustments for retired government workers.

The 6-1 ruling represents a victory for Gov. Chris Christie’s administration.

FMBA President Eddie Donnelly issued a reaction to the decision, which will “slowly erode the value of pensions paid to 800,000 current and former public employees.”

To read the full decision, hit the link below:

Supreme Court Decisio

“Today’s decision by the New Jersey Supreme Court is appalling, however, at a time when first responders are among a class of workers that are under attack, it is not a surprise,” Donnelly said.

“It hits our most vulnerable members especially hard, and it gives younger firefighters/EMTs and dispatchers pause, questioning whether or not risking their health and safety for their entire career will leave them subject to a post work life of financial insecurity.

“All over New Jersey members of the FMBA go to work every day unaware of what dangerous challenges they may be caused to respond to. At any given moment they are prepared to respond to a crisis not of their doing and put themselves in harm’s way to protect others.

“The reality is that if the last several Governors had done their job properly, and lived up to their commitment to fund the pensions, this wouldn’t be an issue at all.

“Governor Christie has failed New Jersey over and over, embracing a strategy to divide and attack, doing nothing to unite our state. While he may see this as a victory, I know that the vast majority of the nearly 70% of New Jersey residents who disapprove of his work as Governor, are disgusted that he continues to attack the same men and women that are keeping their communities safe.

“The pension crisis we now face is another one not of our doing, but today’s ruling further cements our resolve to fix it by taking the management of the fund out of state control.”

Donnelly Blasts Supreme Court Decision on Pensions