Force Yourself to Work Out With Free Classes in Union Square

With Fitbit Local, there's no excuse to skip your work out...even if you want to.

American fitness guru Richard Simmons, center, is joined by two policemen and others in an outdoor workout session sponsored by the California Raisin Marketing Board on February 10, 2000 in Union Square Park, New York City, New York.

Richard Simmons working out in Union Square way back in 2000. (Photo: Catherine McGann/Getty Images)

With Fitbit Local, you have no reason to skip your work out this summer…even if you want to. The brand is hosting free classes, including outdoor boot camp, cardio kickboxing and yoga sessions to get everyone Hamptons ready. If you destroyed your summer body by indulging in every Instagram-worthy offering this long winter, Fitbit Local Ambassadors Jason Tran, Josh Martinez and Lauren Taus are leading the kickoff events on June 12 in Union Square. The Observer talked to the three ambassadors for some tips on getting fit before it’s officially time to hop on a rainbow unicorn float.

Yoga instructor Lauren Taus tries to keep her “summer body” all year, so she isn’t into giving seasonal advice. But, if you somehow forgot to attend a single class this spring, Taus recommends making sure to move around during the day, especially if you’re sitting at a desk. She suggests squat thrusts with kettle bells, but if your office isn’t large enough to get away with a midday thrust, a simple walk on the way to get your sad salad will suffice until your work out later in the day.

Yoga instructor and life coach Lauren Taus.

Yoga instructor and life coach Lauren Taus. (Photo: Courtesy Fitbit)

During the summer, Taus rides her bike in Central Park, along the West Side Highway and over the Brooklyn Bridge, motivating anyone who’s ever considered trading in their FlyWheel membership for a Citi Bike. Jason Tran, an instructor at the notoriously hardcore, and hard to get into, studio The Fhitting Room, prefers working out at the spacious Riverbank State Park in Harlem. He does speed work on the track, plays tennis and does gymnastics in the grass–if I attempted gymnastics at any park, it would definitely end in disaster.

Josh Martinez, the founder of The Martinez Method, a high-intensity, personalized program, suggests visiting any local park with a basketball court if you’re looking for an easy way to work out. “I use the lines on the courts for suicides, shuttle runs and sprints, sitting benches for step ups, box jumps and burpees, and bars for tricep dips, pull-ups and hanging knee and leg raises,” he told the Observer.

When I go to the park, I prefer to find a way to bring a cocktail, but Martinez’s routine sounds much more effective for obtaining a summer body that doesn’t closely resemble gelatin. If you’re still finding it difficult to motivate yourself to leave happy hour for a work out, Tran suggests inviting a friend to hold yourself accountable. “Afterwards, indulge in all the summer activities NYC has to offer–like rosé on a rooftop,” Tran said–now that, anyone can agree with. Force Yourself to Work Out With Free Classes in Union Square