Garrett Pushes Bipartisan Legislation in Congressional Committee

U.S. Rep. Scott Garrett (R-5).

U.S. Rep. Scott Garrett (R-5).

Congressman Scott Garrett (R-5) has gotten a lot of flak from many of New Jersey’s Democratic legislators for his right-wing stances on topics like gun control and gay marriage. However, in Washington, Garrett has recently pushed a number of bipartisan bills through the Capital Markets Subcommittee.

As of Wednesday morning, 14 bipartisan Capital Markets bills have passed the house. Additionally, ten bills originating under the Sussex County native’s leadership as Capital Markets Subcommittee Chairman were signed into law. Nine bills were also marked up in committee and are expected to soon pass.

The bills, some of which Garrett wrote and others which he pushed through committee as chairman, range from topics like U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) regulation (H.R. 5429) to Iranian leadership transparency (H.R. 5421) to regulating online crowdfunding (H.R.4855).

Garrett said he plans to continue seeking bipartisan solutions.

“Throughout my tenure as Chairman of the Capital Markets Subcommittee, it has been my goal to move legislation through the Committee and through Congress that helps reduce the regulatory burdens on businesses and allow businesses access to capital in order to create jobs and grow the economy,” Garrett said. “I am proud that we have found so many areas of bipartisan agreement, from the JOBS Act four years ago, to these bills today. I will continue to look for opportunities to work with my colleagues in both parties in order to help the people of the Fifth District of New Jersey.”

In November, Garrett will face Democratic challenger Josh Gottheimer in CD5. Garrett has served as the CD5 congressman since 2003. Garrett Pushes Bipartisan Legislation in Congressional Committee