Guys, It’s Time To Care About Skincare

A guide to getting your first facial

Rafael Nadal

Rafael Nadal (Photo by Julian Finney/Getty Images)

For most guys, daily skincare sits at the bottom of a long list of daily duties trumped by other vanity-related tasks such as  shaving and hair sculpting. Dove Men+Care found that over half of men surveyed admitted that they do not have a skincare routine, citing that they do not see the point. I felt the same until I was recently exposed to the joys of facial skincare treatment by Georgia Louise, the facialist extraordinaire who currently has a 3-year-long waiting list. While the famed Brit treats mostly female clientele, she has treated soft-skinned gents  Brian Atwood, Mario Testino, and Alexander Wang – not to mention  Jennifer Aniston, Tory Burch, and supermodel Behati Prinsloo. ”Going to Georgia is like my skin seeing its shrink,” Mr. Wang joked to us over e-mail.

Ms. Louise and her army of talented estheticians do have a sixth sense when it comes to skincare, especially for guys. As this was my first facial experience, I was given a “deep cleanse” thorough the 7-step Bespoke treatment that included a 3-step cleanse of mechanical and manual exfoliation, extractions, and even vitamin infusions through sound waves and galvanic currents.  The benefits of this tactful poking and prodding were obvious, but getting a facial requires work on your part too, and Ms. Louise has provided us with the necessary knowledge every guy needs to have before, during, and after getting their first facial.

Georgia Louise

Georgia Louise (Photo Courtesy of Georgia Louise).

Moisture Is Essential 

Most of us know that hydration is a top priority for healthy skin, but Ms. Louise recommends it for one very pragmatic reason: extractions. Keeping your skin hydrated can lessen the pain of extractions during your deep cleanse. This can be accomplished my simply drinking more water, as well as applying the right moisturizer before the treatment. “So many of my male clients use their partners heavy duty moisturizing cream, which causes breakouts and unwanted blackheads,” Ms. Louise warned. “Guys statistically produce more sweat and oil so a lighter lotion is better.” 

Know When To Shave

“Shave the night before the facial if you really want a full facial experience,” Ms. Louise advised. “Shaving on the day of makes skin sensitive, and can cause allot of irritation during and after facial. Facial hair can get in the way, absorb too much product and prevent led, galvanic currents from penetrating the skin effectively.” 

Your Skin Is Better Than The Girls – But Requires More Work

During your facial, be ready to get comfortable. “Guys age better then the girls,” said Ms. Louise. “It’s a fact. They are born with thicker skin and produce more collagen. Men’s skin is much easier to maintain, but with that said, the health of a man’s skin is, of course, is just as important as that of a woman. But while treatment for a man sometimes differs from a woman, the same amount of care must be taken regardless of the sex. Men generally need more extractions, more chemical peels to soften the thick texture of the skin. Therefore, like everything else – the dentist, the hairdresser – guys should see there facialist every 6 weeks!” 

Georgia Louise

Georgia Louise (Photo Courtesy of Georgia Louise).

The Sun Is The Enemy 

“I see more male clients with skin cancer in there scalps and bridge of nose,” Ms. Louise said. “It’s really important that guys loosing hair on the heads cover up with a hat, and use a zinc stick across their nose and cheeks when playing outdoor sports.” 

Your Hair Products Count Too 

“Men’s skincare is absolutely affected by hair products,” says Ms. Louise’s trusted esthetician Vivienne Rizzo. “Most hair products including gels and pomades are full of oils and conditioning agents, and so they tend to clog the pores. While they might help the hair to look fabulous, they can also cause  unwanted breakouts. Oil-based products trap the bacteria and flare up acne. Specific ingredients to watch out for which are known to cause this reaction are: jojoba oil, shea butter, petroleum, and silicones.” 

To avoid this, she suggests a pre-bed cleanse. “While most men like to go straight to bed after a long day at work, that results in their skin being further exposed to the oils and residues for an additional eight hours during sleep,” she said. “My suggestion would be to do both a pre-cleanse with ENVIRON Pre-Cleanse or Sebuprep, as well as a full cleanse at night prior to going to sleep to ensure all of the dirt and impurities are removed. Also, pay particular attention that the hairline is cleansed thoroughly since it can attract the most build-up. I would highly suggest using products that are sulfate-free and panthenol-free especially if you have sensitive skin. Try experimenting with different shampoos and conditioners to figure out which culprit is causing your skin breakout. My husbands favorite is Every Man Jack Shampoo.”

Guys, It’s Time To Care About Skincare