Huge Turnout Numbers on Display in Jersey for (Peru) Prez Election



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HARRISON – If film freaks turned down the sound on U.S. Senator Cory Booker, they might appreciate his partial approximation of at least the appearance (bald) of Marlon Brando as Colonel Walter E. Kurtz in Apocalypse Now, but the junior senator’s MLK garment of destiny campaign rhetoric hardly conveys Kurtz’s “the horror, the horror” assessment of reality, which in all probability more closely resembles what numerous New Jersey voters glumly feel as they slog toward Election Day.

Such a condition was hardly on display here this afternoon under dreary skies as animated, dogged Peruvian citizens created a festive atmosphere around their Red Bulls Stadium vote casting experience for a new president in the South American country. The event cast a hollowed shell feeling over this U.S. state’s scheduled Tuesday primary election for U.S. President.



On the heels of the lowest turnout election in state history last year and garbage time optics ahead of Tuesday’s U.S. elections vote, PolitickerNJ asked dozens of voters whom they preferred: Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, or Bernie Sanders, only to receive bewildered looks in response from voters eager to exercise their democratic franchise.

3,041 miles from home.

By contrast, of course, outside Red Bulls Stadium – which looks like a spent round from a pellet gun magnified exactly one million times – they happily broke down Pedro Pablo Kuczynski v. Keiko Fujimori, with most of them opting for the latter in unofficial exit polling.

Late today, news reports said the elections were too close to call.





  Huge Turnout Numbers on Display in Jersey for (Peru) Prez Election