In Memory of Bill Cunningham

Remembering the late style photographer, who left his mark on the fashion industry.

Bill Cunningham at work
Bill Cunningham at work (Photo: Getty Images).

The fashion world is deeply saddened by the passing of Bill Cunningham. More than any other industry, fashion is driven by personalities and moments, every New York fashion week journalists from across the work looked forward to seeing legends at work. Highest on the list was Bill Cunningham.

So famous for all his brilliant work yet so real, touchable and busy. He was a weather warrior! He also cemented any New York event he attended into the firmament. If he was there, you were in the right place. He was so jolly, fast and deft on his feet, ducking and swooping to get not just a shot but the shot. He recognized and appreciated individual style, always knowing exactly who or what to snap, ekeing out trends and reminding the fashion world of what people actually wore.

The author, with her husband, as captured by Cunningham
The author, with her husband, as captured by Cunningham (Photo: Bill Cunningham, The New York Times).

On a personal note I remember tearing out his stories many times to adapt say, white shirts or urban combat gear for my Monday ‘look’. I looked forward to his page and so of course, the one time I appeared – next to my dapper husband who was the focus of the shot, dammit, was thrilling. In fact it was a wonderful New York moment. Now, it’s up to the fashion world to keep encouraging the personalities that drive the business. Not the pimped out vloggers but the real artistic souls with the creative vision we can’t do without

  In Memory of Bill Cunningham