Introduce Dad to the New Neutral: Blue

A handsome briefcase will be the ultimate Father's Day gift.

From left: Louis Vuitton; Berluti; MCM.
From left: Louis Vuitton; Berluti; MCM. (Photos: Courtesy).

For the working man, a briefcase is far more than just a receptacle for a laptop; it’s an indicator of personal style and, even, attitude. A worn canvas bag alludes to a sloppy approach, while a basic black carryall informs that the carrier is just that: basic. To deviate from the norm, go for a tasteful bag in shades of blue. 

Bruce Pask, men’s fashion director at Bergdorf Goodman, praises the versatility of navy, even championing it as a new neutral. “It’s a darker hue of the color [blue], with just a hint of visual interest for those looking to explore color beyond the traditional black and brown. Navy also has the necessary versatility for a bag that is used daily.”

This season, that blue could come in a fun camouflage print, à la Louis Vuitton or as MCM’s simple vision of pure, deep-hued luxury. Berluti just might have the best take on the blues; its two-sided style combines electric blue and black—it goes with virtually anything.

From left: Louis Vuitton, Porte-Documents Voyage PM, $1,600,; Berluti Two Tone Deux Jour Bag in Matte Calfskin and Venezia Leather, $3,650, 677 Madison Ave, New York, NY 10065, (212) 439-6400; MCM Worldwide Large Johan Briefcase in Navy Blue, $1,290,

Introduce Dad to the New Neutral: Blue