NJ Black Mayors’ Alliance Backs Hillary Clinton for Prez


The N.J. Black Mayors’ Alliance for Social Justice yesterday formally backed Hillary Clinton for president following a meeting with the Democrat.
The black leaders said Clinton listened to their concerns about the economy, the poor and disadvantaged. They pointed out that in many New Jersey cities, the depression of the 1930s has never ended with more than a third of minority adults unemployed even in times of prosperity and that data from a 2015 US Census study showed that the income equality gap in the Garden State is among the worst in the nation.
Clinton expressed her support for the campaign of the Black Mayors to expand job training and apprenticeship programs targeted to sectors with job growth, to strengthen school vocational programs, to expand support for minority and women-owned businesses, and to strengthen re-entry programs for ex-offenders, the mayors said. She said that she supports their campaign to increase the minimum wage in New Jersey.
During the roundtable, Clinton also discussed her commitment to criminal justice reforms and addressing the scourge of gun violence, building upon President Obama’s progress, and making college affordable.
“The growing gap between the very wealthy and the poor, the disadvantaged and the middle class is a calamity that threatens the very existence of democracy in America,” said Newark Mayor Ras J. Baraka, Chairman of the Black Mayors’ Alliance. “The fact that anyone takes Donald Trump seriously and that he has become a serious candidate for President is symptomatic of what will happen to our nation if income inequality continues to get worse. Hillary Clinton offers our best chance to achieve economic and social justice in America.”
“Hillary Clinton has a real record of fighting for disenfranchised and minority communities. Her first job out of law school wasn’t with a fancy corporate firm, but with the Children’s Defense Fund investigating young people incarcerated in adult jails. As First Lady, she helped expand healthcare for over eight million kids, in the Senate she fought for equal pay and comprehensive background checks for would-be gun buyers, and as president she will continue to stand by us,” said Logan Township Mayor Frank Minor, Vice Chairman of the Black Mayors’ Alliance.
About the NJ Black Mayors Alliance:
The New Jersey Black Mayors Alliance includes all of the state’s Black Mayors and is a powerful voice for the state’s disenfranchised and minority communities. In uniting the political influence, organizing strength, fundraising capacity, and large grassroots voter base of New Jersey’s Black Mayors, the Alliance is a major force in state and national politics. As individuals, the mayors are already deeply involved in the movement for political, social and economic justice. As a group, they leverage the power they have individually to impact the choice of candidates for president, governor, and important national, state and local offices. They combine their individual power in order to ensure that candidates at every level are responsive to the needs and concerns of African Americans, Latinos, and the poor of every race. The Alliance empowers our communities, our neighborhoods and our cities.
NJ Black Mayors’ Alliance Backs Hillary Clinton for Prez