The First Wellness-Focused Workspace Offers Yoga, Green Juice and Acupuncture

Now, you'll never have an excuse to avoid working out.

Primary, New York's first wellness-focused co-working space.
Primary, New York’s first wellness-focused co-working space.

If long days at the office have you missing meditation, and you find yourself staying late instead of heading to yoga class, a new wellness focused co-working space wants to overhaul your schedule. Primary is New York’s first “wellness-focused co-working space,” at 26 Broadway in Battery Park.

Primary houses a fitness studio that offers more than 30 classes per week, including yoga and meditation, along with healthy eating options and bike racks. For the health-conscious, Primary will make it easier to focus on fitness during the week, even if you’re stuck in a desk chair for hours at a time.


Tired of eating the same old sad salads, while hunched over your keyboard? This wellness space doesn’t feature a college-style cafeteria; instead, they promise Stumptown, juicers Lulitonix and Pure Green, along with catering from Dig Inn. If that’s not enough to entice you to leave your freelance lifestyle behind, since it mostly involves lying in bed eating last night’s pizza leftovers, there’s also a massage therapist, chiropractor and acupuncturist in house.

“We are really taking a holistic approach to the offerings from the wellness perspective in that there is not a single style or type of practice in any form that meets all needs. We want to ensure we are able to offer something nourishing for each and every member whether they love breaking a sweat or taking it easy,” Brian Hain, the Chief Wellness Officer at Primary, told the Observer. “Whenever you can create new and unique opportunities for people to gather outside of their normal work boundaries – be it our cafe, being active in our yoga studio, or the opportunity to socialize at unique events those interactions help build a foundation of relationships,” he said.

There are even private showers and changing rooms, so if you do venture to an outside fitness class you can be refreshed before you start your day, instead of attempting to shower and change in a cramped locker room. Now, you’ll never have an excuse to avoid working out. The First Wellness-Focused Workspace Offers Yoga, Green Juice and Acupuncture