Afternoon Bulletin: Heat Domes, Mutating Bed Bugs and More

One slightly less expensive way to cool off (Getty)
One slightly less expensive way to cool off (Getty) (Photo: Getty)

Brace yourselves. According to the New York Times, a heat domethat’s a bubble of high pressure causing a string of scorching, muggy days—is heading for the city this weekend. And, as The Grey Lady reminds us, “Domes are Bad.” Couple the ninety-degree weather with the urban heat island effect (read: lots of buildings and people crammed into a small space, which makes hot weather feel even hotter), and we’re in for a steamy weekend. (New York Times)

In downright horrifying bed bug news, scientists report that the pests are mutating—growing thicker, insecticide-resistant skins and crawling into offices and apartments. “The exoskeletons are definitely tougher, making it harder for the products to penetrate,” said a Long Island exterminator. (am New York)

A bandit who changes hats in between bank robberies completed his eighth burglary since March this week, demanding cash from a teller at an Upper East Side HSBC while wearing a black bike helmet. His past headpieces include a baseball cap, a fedora, and a headscarf—if nothing else, the man has style. (New York Post)

The NYPD used a robot to negotiate with a suicidal man suspected of tossing a fake bomb into a police car in Columbus Circle. During a six hour standoff with the suspect that stretched into early Thursday morning, the robot looked inside the man’s car, broadcasted a live video feed to police officers, and searched around for potential bombs. (New York Post

A fan of rapper J Cole didn’t have to look far to find the platinum-winning artist. A man on a public bus in Queens snapped a selfie with the rapper, taking public transportation without any security or entourage. Stars, they’re just like us. (The Source)

  Afternoon Bulletin: Heat Domes, Mutating Bed Bugs and More