An Exclusive Preview of Every Collection at New York Fashion Week: Men’s

The inspiration behind 41 upcoming men's collections

John Elliott Fall/Winter 2016 Runway Show
John Elliott Fall/Winter 2016 Runway Show (Photo by Presley Ann for Patrick McMullan).

New York Fashion Week: Men’s kicks off today with four days full of runways shows, presentations, and parties where the Spring/Summer 2017 collections will be shown by a wide range of New York-based designers. There will be the blue chip designers like Tommy Hilfiger and John Varvatos who will stick to what they know, and a handful of newcomers trying to make their voices heard. 

We rounded up the inspirations of 38 designers set to show this week, and found a few clear trends. Expect beaches and pools to be a continual theme throughout several collections from David Hart’s collection for Hart Schaffner Marx that will pay homage to Slim Aaron’s signature seaside photos, and PLAC who opted for David Hockney’s pool-centric paintings. Japanese cult label N. Hollywood will be going even deeper, looking toward “sea dwellers” for its inspiration.  

Hippe culture will also make a comeback with both Ovadia & Sons and Matiere, referencing Bob Marley and The Grateful Dead respectively, and Carlos Campos and Nick Graham who will look at Cuba. There are of course those who march to the beat of their own drum. Standouts include Carlos N-p-Elliott which muse this season is Voltaire, and Private Policy which chose the “horror of modern slavery.” Together, it should make for one head-turning, and perhaps politically-charged week of menswear. 

Tommy Hilfiger: American classics reimagined through a youthful, optimistic lens.

Tommy Hilfiger SS17 Inspiration
Tommy Hilfiger SS17 Inspiration (Photo courtesy of Tommy Hilfiger).

Perry Ellis: Beauty is found in the delicate balance of functionality and versatility.

Perry Ellis SS17 Inspiration
Perry Ellis SS17 Inspiration (Photo courtesy of Perry Ellis).

SuitSupplyBauhaus, the midcentury German school of design and its emphasis on practical, everyday objects that inform and improve the way we live our lives, the collection brings the minimalist aesthetic and pragmatic, engineering of Bauhaus into the world of suiting, for a look that is at once contemporary, functional, and eternally stylish

SuitSupply SS17 Inspiration
SuitSupply SS17 Inspiration (Photo courtesy of SuitSupply).

David Hart: West coast surf culture of the 1960s. Photographs by LeRoy Grannis, and music by Dick Dale. The palette incorporates deep earthy jewel tones with tropical and surf prints throughout.

David Hart SS17 Inspiration
David Hart SS17 Inspiration (Photo courtesy of David Hart).

David Hart x Hart Schaffner Marx: The iconic environmental photography of Slim Aarons. From palm print to colored linens, the collection is reminiscent of trips to the Maldives, Mustique, Palm Beach, and Provence in the 1960s.

David Hart x Hart Schaffner Marx SS17 Inspiration
David Hart x Hart Schaffner Marx SS17 Inspiration (Photo Courtesy of David Hart x Hart Schaffner Marx)

Deveaux: Greek Island vacations of Jackie Kennedy, Audrey Hepburn, and the works of Willem de Kooning.  

Deveaux SS17 Inspiration
Deveaux SS17 Inspiration (Photo courtesy of Deveaux).

Max n Chester: Japanese cottons and linens to express a feeling of global personalities in peace and freedom in how we dress.

Max n Chester SS17 Inspiration
Max n Chester SS17 Inspiration (Photo courtesy of Max n Chester).

PLAC: David Hockney’s artwork.  Contemporary interpretations of his classic 60’s attitude.

PLAC SS17 Inspiration
PLAC SS17 Inspiration (Photo courtesy of PLAC).

Private Policy: Sworn to Fun, Loyal to None.  “Are Slaves catching the fish you buy?”, a news article by Associated Press in 2015 sparked the topic on slave labor in the South Asia fishing industry- where fishers are forced to work restlessly on the ocean with fear created through violent punishment and even murder. Rarely able to escape, some even stay on a boat for 4 to 5 years at sea.  The collection explores the horrors of modern slavery through artistic interpretations. 

Private Policy SS17 Inspiration
Private Policy SS17 Inspiration (Photo courtesy of Private Policy).

Exley“Weathered New England boardwalks & coastlines that are rich in a storied local narrative, awaiting to be resurfaced by a new generation.

Exley SS17 Inspiration
Exley SS17 Inspiration (Photo courtesy of Exley).

Rideau: The laid-back beach culture of Malibu and the California coast.

Rideau SS17 Inspiration
Rideau SS17 Inspiration (Photo courtesy of Rideau).

Uri Minkoff: The complexities of memory and time in the age of technology.

Uri Minkoff SS17 Inspiration
Uri Minkoff SS17 Inspiration (Photo courtesy of Uri Minkoff).

Joseph Abboud: The intellectual nomad whose curiosity, wanderlust and effortless style epitomizes the very essence of the American man…handsome, self-assured and uniquely individual.

Joseph Abboud SS17 Inspiration
Joseph Abboud SS17 Inspiration (Photo courtesy of Joseph Abboud).

Tim Coppens: Eliminate The Noise.

Tim Coppens SS17 Inspiration
Tim Coppens SS17 Inspiration (Photo courtesy of Tim Coppens).

Garciavelez: The expiration date of infrastructure in the world.

Garciavelez SS17 Inspiration
Garciavelez SS17 Inspiration (Photo courtesy of Garciavelez).

STAMPD: Utilitarian, high street attitude, military influences re-worked to be integrated into a new uniform.

STAMPD SS17 Inspiration
STAMPD SS17 Inspiration (Photo courtesy of STAMPD).

EFM: Energized by the lengthening of daylight and the desire to be outdoors – spring and summer are seasons that inspire freedom, movement and comfort.

EFM SS17 Inspiration
EFM SS17 Inspiration (Photo courtesy of EFM).

N-p-Elliott: Voltaire for his views on the power systems of his day and that was a great source of inspiration for this collection. Not in a historical fashion sense but more of an ethos of the collection―a rebelliousness in the face of the status quo. That rebellious spirit reminds me of being an outspoken teenager.

N-p-Eliott SS17 Inspiration
N-p-Eliott SS17 Inspiration (Photo courtesy of N-p-Elliott).

Carlos Campos: The nomadic Carlos Campos man is now in the Cuban tobacco fields and dons a new uniform with a nod to Art Deco architecture.

Carlos Campos SS17 Inspiration
Carlos Campos SS17 Inspiration (Photo courtesy of Carlos Campos).

N. Hoolywood: Sea Dwellers.

N. Hoolywood SS17 Inspiration
N. Hoolywood SS17 Inspiration (Photo courtesy of N.Hoolywood).

Cadet: The art, architecture and fashion history of Italy.

Cadet SS17 Inspiration
Cadet SS17 Inspiration (Photo courtesy of Cadet).

Brett Johnson: The texture of colors in the still heat of the Arizona desert.

Brett Johnson SS17 Inspiration
Brett Johnson SS17 Inspiration (Photo courtesy of Brett Johnson).

Ovadia & Sons: A little hippie, a little Rasta.

Ovadia & Sons SS17 Inspiration
Ovadia & Sons SS17 Inspiration (Photo courtesy of Ovadia & Sons).

Nick Graham: The Tropicana Club in pre-revolutionary Havana when it was in its hey day. Gangsters, Royalty, Secret Agents and Show Girls combined to create a glamorous though slightly dangerous scene that was unequaled in the world.

Nick Graham SS17 Inspiration
Nick Graham SS17 Inspiration (Photo courtesy of Nick Graham).

John Elliott: Watching Water.

John Elliott SS17 Inspiration
John Elliott SS17 Inspiration (Photo courtesy of John Elliott).

Matiere: Our collection, Dead Sea, explores a mash up of colors, wash and texture surrounding my journey following the Grateful Dead throughout the 80’s.  A recent trip to their birth place along the California Coastline allowed use to merge mariner inspired wears with classic Dead undertones.

Matiere SS17 Inspiration
Matiere SS17 Inspiration (Photo courtesy of Matiere).

Nautica: The infamous French Riviera.  In the 1930’s, it was a haven for artists, writers, and the tailored traveler.

Nautica SS17 Inspiration
Nautica SS17 Inspiration (Photo courtesy of Nautica).

Zachary Prell: Warm and cool revealed through natural fibers, refined textures and modern silhouettes.

Zachary Prell SS17 Inspiration
Zachary Prell SS17 Inspiration (Photo courtesy of Zachary Prell).

C.P. Company: The collision of traditional Italian values and cutting edge innovation.

C.P. Company SS17 Inspiration
C.P. Company SS17 Inspiration (Photo courtesy of C.P. Company).

Landlord: Please excuse our appearance.

Landlord SS17 Inspiration
Landlord SS17 Inspiration (Photo courtesy of Landlord).

Todd Snyder: Monaco auto racing in the 1950’s – from uniforms to racing stripes, I fell in love with the style and sophistication.

Todd Snyder SS17 Inspiration
Todd Snyder SS17 Inspiration (Photo courtesy of Todd Snyder).

Palmiers du Mal: Laurel Canyon, or the idea of a hybrid of Laurel Canyon meeting Tokyo, Rio, and Marrakech… a luxurious Wonderland that is at once elegant and global. The Palmiers playboy floats above the zeitgeist of populist logos, focusing instead on an increasingly eccentric, unique, and idiosyncratic wanderer, acquiring stylistic elements on his global quest to discover the meaning of things.

Palmiers du Mal SS17 Inspiration
Palmiers du Mal SS17 Inspiration (Photo courtesy of Palmiers du Mal).

Rochambeau: The Rolling Stones’ escape to Morocco in the late 1960’s; Yasiin Bey in South Africa- a rock n roll meets native aesthetic displayed via spirited patterns, silks, and vibrant colors. Creatives in Exile.

Rochambeau SS17 Inspiration
Rochambeau SS17 Inspiration (Photo courtesy of Rochambeau).

Devon Halfnight LeflufySelected feelings; an essay on image value as defined not by resolution or content.

Devon Halfnight LeFlufy SS17 Inspiration
Devon Halfnight LeFlufy SS17 Inspiration (Photo courtesy of Devon Halfnight LeFlufy).

Thorsun: The pool at the IMS Museum/Home in Rio. The perfect setting for a fantasy pool party.

Thorsun SS17 Inspiration
Thorsun SS17 Inspiration (Photo courtesy of Thorsun).

Thaddeus O’Neil: An imaginary temple – The Temple of the Burning Sun – and the establishment of sacred space, spiritual pilgrimage, temporality, and always the sea and the men and women who inhabit and animate it with play in a practice of joy.

Thaddeus O'Neil SS17 Inspiration
Thaddeus O’Neil SS17 Inspiration (Photo courtesy of Thaddeus O'Neil).

Eidos: Exploring Rajasthan, India for commonality in a cultural opposite through natural tones and native silhouettes.

Eidos SS17 Inspiration
Eidos SS17 Inspiration (Photo courtesy of EIdos).

Timo Weiland: Baroque Mid Century.

Timo Weiland SS17
Timo Weiland SS17 (Photo courtesy of Timo Weiland).


Siki Im SS17 Inspiration
Siki Im SS17 Inspiration (Photo courtesy of Siki Im).

Simon Miller: The colors of the Spanish Olive Plantations. The focus is on mustard and terra cotta’s, rich olives and an array of ivory and tans. The menswear collection emanates the outdoor lifestyle of the West Coast with pop’s from the nineties skate and surf culture and an introduction to swimwear.

Simon Miller SS17 Inspiration
Simon Miller SS17 Inspiration (Photo courtesy of Simon Miller).

An Exclusive Preview of Every Collection at New York Fashion Week: Men’s