And in Local News…Dick Has New Glasses

I’ve already spoken this week about how the world is a scary, terrifying place right now; so much so that it’s easier to listen to horror podcasts or pretend we’re living in that Black Mirror house that accidentally ended up on the Mr. Robot premiere than watch the news.

And look, I wrote that before a truck driver plowed into a crowd during Bastille Day in Nice. Reality, however much I hate hate HATE it, seems intent on breaking our brains this summer and no amount of Pokemon Go! can Pokestop it from PokeHappening.

But guys. It’s still July. It’s Friday. It’s a summer Friday, and while there may not seem like there is a lot to celebrate in the world right now, there totally is, and sometimes we can find reminders of this in even the most unlikely of places…like our local CBS News affiliate, WLNY.


Sorry about this terrible uploading quality. It’s just a reflection of our collective dispiriting mindset!

Here’s a better version:

See? They’re having fun! Well, as much fun as you can have with that new guy over there doing weather, who is just super thirsty for being accepted by the rest of the WLNY team. And in Local News…Dick Has New Glasses