‘Black Mirror’ Gets Third Season Premiere Date on Netflix

Start collecting merits for your dopple

Black Mirror.
Black Mirror. Channel 4

Horror anthology series Black Mirror will debut its third season–the first on Netflix–October 21. Which is funny, because Black Mirror is very likely to convince you that Netflix is trying to kill you.

For the unaware: Black Mirror originally premiered with a bang on the UK’s Channel 4, and by that I mean the first episode ended with the British Prime Minister having sex with a pig. The first episode! From there, over the course of two seasons, six official episodes and a Christmas special featuring Jon Hamm, the series continued its march into your nightmares with stand-alone takes on social media (“Be Right Back”), modern dating (“The Entire History of You”), and what would happen if Jon Hamm trapped you in a never-ending prison of your own mind (“White Christmas”).

According to Netflix, Black Mirror‘s third season will consist of six episodes, each one “exploring themes of contemporary techno-paranoia.” While it left out official synopses for now, Netflix did release the titles and cast for all six episodes, leaving it up to us to guess which one is about Pokemon Go stealing your soul:

“San Junipero”: featuring Gugu Mbatha-Raw (Concussion) and Halt and Catch Fire’s Mackenzie Davis, directed by Owen Davis (who helmed season two’s “Be Right Back”, and a handful of Misfits episodes).

“Shut Up and Dance”: featuring Jerome Flynn (Game of Thrones, as if you didn’t know) and Alex Lawther (The Imitation Game), directed by James Watkins (The Woman in Black). 

“Nosedive”: featuring Bryce Dallas Howard (Jurassic World), Alice Eve (Star Trek Into Darkness) and James Norton (Grantchester), directed by Joe Wright (Pan, which was not so great).

“Men Against Fire”: featuring Michael Kelly (House of Cards), Malachi Kirby (the Roots remake) and Madeline Brewer (Hemlock Grove), directed by Jakob Verbruggen, another House of Cards vet.

“Hated in the Nation”: featuring Kelly Macdonald (Boardwalk Empire), directed by James Hawes (Penny Dreadful). 

“Playtest”: directed by Dan Trachtenberg, the man behind J.J. Abrams’ secret movie 10 Cloverfield Lane. ‘Black Mirror’ Gets Third Season Premiere Date on Netflix