Christie Says he Will Consider a Trump Job Offer

Christie spoke about school funding in Fair Lawn.
Christie spoke about school funding in Fair Lawn.

FAIR LAWN – During a question and answer session following a forum on his new school funding proposal Governor Chris Christie answered an attendee’s question on what it in store for the governor’s future.

As it stands, Christie’s term will end in January of 2018. However, because the governor has been closely working with Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump, Christie said he would consider any job offer put forward by Trump if he is elected as the next president of the United States.

“I am moving on one way or another so the fact is that if Donald Trump is elected president in November and if he were to offer me a position that both me and [wife] Mary Pat thought it made sense for us to do and could really help the country, I would consider it,” Christie said. “That would mean that I would leave sometime in December or so of 2016, this year.”

According to Christie, if he did accept any such offer, he would leave New Jersey in the “very capable hands” of Lieutenant Governor Kim Guadagno for the remainder of his term.

“She would have to decide if she was going to run for governor in her own right which I am sure she is in the process of deciding as we speak,” Christie said. “If she wanted to run for governor, you guys could decide if you wanted to keep her.”

Christie said he would only join Trump’s administration if he felt any prospective job offer would allow him to help the country.

“My plan in the short term is to do my job the best I can and, if Donald wins in November, to listen to what he’s got to say to me at the time,” Christie said.

According to Christie, his wife Mary Pat wants him “to go make some money” after his term ends and reenter the private sector.

“I am sure she is whispering in Donald’s other ear ‘Don’t offer him anything,’” Christie said. “I have now been in public service for 15 years…making less money, certainly, than I would in the private sector and that’s fine, I’m not complaining about that, but I think she is looking at me and saying ‘Hey, buddy. It is about time you start making a little bit more money.’ So I think that is where I will ultimately end up.” Christie Says he Will Consider a Trump Job Offer