Currie Tears through Christie’s Melania Trump Defense

Democratic State Committee Chairman John Currie at his party at the Dubliner.
Democratic State Committee Chairman John Currie.
The plagiarism police circus spawned by Melania Trump’s cribbed convention speech last night prompted Governor Chris Christie to rush to her aid, a move that irritated New Jersey Democratic State Committee Chairman John Currie, and smacked of powerful people devising their own self-protecting standards.

In a Matt Lauer NBC conversation, Christie confessed to being disappointed at not having been Donald Trump’s choice for VP. He also lent a hand to the embattled Melania Trump when he said 93% of her speech wasn’t the stuff of plagiarism.

That prompted Currie to go on the attack.

“I find his attitude — that there is one set of rules for Chris Christie and his friends, and another for the rest of us — both offensive and irresponsible. It is a real problem — one for which New Jersey pays a price,” said the party chairman. “It sends the wrong message to New Jersey school children and their families when he condones bad behavior, and I think it is directly related to the fact that felony conspiracies were hatched and implemented by several of his closest advisors. New Jersey deserves a governor who will not turn the other cheek just to serve his personal political ambitions. We’re better than that.”

Currie went into the vaults of the University of Delaware to dredge the school’s definition of plagiarism, noting that what Trump did would not have been allowed at Christie’s alma mater. The University of Delaware defines plagiarism as “the inclusion of someone else’s words… as one’s own,” and lists it first among academic violations in its official Code of Conduct, a violation of which may also “constitute a violation of city, state, or federal law and vice versa.”

Curiously, the next offense listed in the University’s policy is “fabrication” — another irresponsible behavior that Chris Christie frequently engages in, Currie said.

Currie Tears through Christie’s Melania Trump Defense