DiGaetano: BCRO Working to Eliminate Inherited ‘Red Ink’

New Bergen County Republican Organization Chairman Paul DiGaetano has had a busy week

DiGaetano after he was named the new BCRO chairman.
DiGaetano after he was named the new BCRO chairman. Alyana Alfaro for Observer

New Bergen County Republican Organization Chairman Paul DiGaetano has had a busy week. On Wednesday, the chairman welcomed Lieutenant Governor Kim Guadagno to Bergen for a fundraiser. On Thursday, the group held a second fundraiser—a beefsteak dinner at the BCRO headquarters—that drew over 350 attendees. According to DiGaetano, both events were successful and both are part of his efforts as chairman to right the financial situation for the BCRO.

Former Chairman Bob Yudin vehemently denied that he left the organization feeling any kind of financial duress.

“We inherited a bad situation,” DiGaetano insisted to PolitickerNJ. “It was something that I has suspected but we are dealing with it and now we have had two successful events in two nights. Things are coming together. People are coming back to BCRO and being supported. I am very excited about all the positive energy.”

In June, DiGaetano replaced former BCRO Chairman Bob Yudin as the organization’s leader. His victory came as a result of a desire among many in the organization for new leadership following a number of losses under Yudin’s guidance.

According to one source close to the BCRO, the financial situation was in such dire straights that, last week, DiGaetano asked a number of candidates to donate funds they had raised to their campaigns to the BCRO coffers. DiGaetano, however, claims the assertions misconstrue facts.

“We are not looking for candidates to make up the shortfall that we inherited at BCRO,” DiGaetano said. “We did tell candidates, clearly, that we are going to have one campaign for Bergen County Republicans, not individual campaigns. We expected whatever money the candidates raised themselves to be put toward that campaign. Maybe that is where that information that is somewhat incorrect is coming from. But, no, we are not asking candidates to make up for the red ink that we inherited.”

Former Chairman Yudin absolutely denied that he left his successor in financial straits.

Quite the contrary, he said, and challenged DiGaetano to produce a bill.

“Everything is paid, I can’t think of anything that is not paid,” the former chairman said.

“When I became chair I inherited $50,000 in real red ink,”  Yudin added. “When I l left, I made sure every bill was paid. The only money he owes is to me [a $10,000 loan, said the former chairman], and I wont call it in until after the election. In the past I have also loaned money as a loan but forgave it and turned it into a contribution. But I wouldn’t even think of calling that in until after the election.”

DiGaetano said that while BCRO currently does not have any further fundraising events planned, more fundraisers will be announced in the future.

DiGaetano: BCRO Working to Eliminate Inherited ‘Red Ink’