Fashions of the RNC, Part 2

CLEVELAND – On Tuesday, PolitickerNJ brought you a gallery of RNC fashions. In honor of the last day of the convention–a day when many attendees seem to be going all out in terms of dress–we decided to wrangle up a second installment.

Here are some styles seen at the Quicken Loans Arena on the fourth and final day of the RNC:

Alternate California delegates Sam and Jeffrey Barke in American flag suits.
A closeup of Jeffrey Barke’s “Trump” shoe.
Massachusetts delegate Jimmy Davidson dressed as Donald Trump for the final day of the RNC.
Arizona delegate John Rosada¬†introduced himself as “George Washington.”
These uniformed RNC attendees are from VFW Post 6846 in Geneva, Ohio. They will present the colors on the final night of the RNC.
Cynthia Love, a guest of the Arizona delegation, wears a bedazzled “TRUMP” sash and a tiara.
Missouri delegate George Engelbach dressed as Abraham Lincoln.
Fashions of the RNC, Part 2