Fashions of the RNC

CLEVELAND – Here is a look at some Republican National Convention style as seen by PolitickerNJ at the Quicken Loans Arena.

As an homage to West Virginia’s coal industry, WV delegate Stephen McElroy wore a hard hat covered with Trump stickers to the RNC.
Dr. Sandi Combs (left) and Bonnie Wharton are delegates from Hawaii. They and other members of their delegation wore traditional Hawaiian clothing.
New Mexico delegate Kelly Benner in a decorative red, white and blue hat with the image of a NM license plate.
The Guam delegation wore matching traditional attire.
Texas delegate Sue Cleveland and other members of her delegation wore cowboy hats and Texas flag shirts to the RNC.
In a play on the traditional Wisconsin cheese head, delegate Jim Miller wore a cheese-style top hat with GOP and religious stickers and buttons.
Members of the Wisconsin delegation danced to music while wearing pine tree headpieces.
Fashions of the RNC