Inventive Menswear Designers Offer Scarf Hats and Hazmat Suits

A little originality never hurt anyone, right?

Wood House
Wood House (Photo: Getty Images).

“Style—all who have it share one thing: originality,” Diana Vreeland once said. This quote from the late, great fashion editor is no more applicable than during fashion week. And that’s in reference to both the collections on display and the revelers taking it all in.

Of the fashion week crowd, designers win as the most creative creatures. With a desire to turn basic fabric into original works of wearable art, these creators are also required check a number of boxes: approval from the critics, intrigue from the buyers and lust from the shoppers. Often times, their search for creativity can overstep the boundaries of wearability.

While New York Fashion Week: Men’s is still in the works, we’ve perused the collections to find the most inventive and creative (or just plain bizarre) looks to grace the runway. And we kept Vreeland in mind, applying her iconic “Why don’t you…” format to some interesting looks seen at New York Fashion Week: Men’s.

Wood House
Wood House (Photo: Getty Images).

Why don’t you wear a scarf on your head instead of a shirt?

Uri Minkoff
Uri Minkoff (Photo: Uri Minkoff).

Why don’t you wear really short shorts and really long sleeves?

Tim Coppens
Tim Coppens (Photo: Courtesy Tim Coppens).

Why don’t you tuck your blazer into a pair of casual shorts?

Linder (Photo: Courtesy Linder).

Why don’t you roll your pants all the way up to your thighs?

Private Policy
Private Policy (Photo: Courtesy Private Policy).

Why don’t you turn a hazmat suit into a two-piece?

Max 'n Chester
Max ‘n Chester (Photo: Courtesy Max 'n Chester).

Why don’t you wear a nightshirt during the day?

Garciavelez (Photo: Courtesy Garciavelez).

Why don’t you wear your pockets on the outside?

Joseph Abboud
Joseph Abboud (Photo: Joseph Abboud).

Why don’t you pair a double breasted pinstripe jacket with sandals?

Ovadia & Sons
Ovadia & Sons (Photo: Getty Images).

Why don’t you shred your sweater hem to oblivion? Inventive Menswear Designers Offer Scarf Hats and Hazmat Suits