NJ Democratic Chairman: Tonight is Clinton’s Night to Outstrip Trump on Policy

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PHILADELPHIA — New Jersey state Democratic Chairman John Currie said Thursday evening that he expects Hillary Clinton will tdistinguish herself as the candidate of concrete policy proposals against Donald Trump’s bland assurances when she takes the stage at the end of the Democratic National Convention tonight.

Clinton has already received her party’s nomination after a long and often bitter primary battle with progressive U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders, and is expected to accept the historic presidential nod. The former Secretary of State will be the first woman nominated to a major party’s presidential ticket.

Currie believes New Jersey played a crucial role in helping her win the nomination.

“New Jersey played a huge role in her campaign,” he said. “She won overwhelmingly in the primary, and we are planning no giving her a huge priority coming out of New Jersey come November.”

Currie went on to say that tonight will be her chance to show how she intends continue the Obama administration’s record of stewardship for the U.S. economy during a period of global instability. He doubts that she will follow Trump’s lead and say simply, ‘believe me.’

“I think you’re going to hear her talking about the economy, talking about what she will do for America. She will particularly bring out the issues. Not saying ‘I will just do it.’ She will tell you how and why.

“I think she will touch on education. I think she will touch on human rights as well. Jobs, the economy, the infrastructure, is something that we have to going. I think she will focus on those things.”

NJ Democratic Chairman: Tonight is Clinton’s Night to Outstrip Trump on Policy