PolitickerNJ’s National Party Conventions Pop Quiz in Honor of the RNC

PolitickerNJ's National Party Conventions Pop Quiz in Honor of the RNC

  1. WEDNESDAY UPDATE: We received numerous submissions to make Monday’s deadline, but no one so far has answered ALL of the questions accurately. People have come VERY close, but none so far mastered the test. So here’s what we will do. We will reopen the competition until 5 p.m. today (Wednesday) to give contestants one more crack at getting ALL of the right answers. Those who have already submitted can resubmit and take a last shot at 100% and the victory mantle. If NO ONE gets all the right answers by 5 p.m., we will assess the pile of submissions we have and award victory to whomever recorded the most correct answers AND provide all of the correct answers in its own post. GOOD LUCK!
  2. kean11. What presidential nominee for a major party famously gaffed when he tried to invoke the memory of a former vice president and referred to Hubert Horatio Hornblower?

2. Hillary Clinton is to Bernie Sanders as Mike Dukakis was to….

3. Which New Jerseyan became the Republican Party’s nominee for vice president at the 1896 Republican National Convention?

4. Who famously chided Mayor Richard J. Daley from the podium at the 1968 Democratic Convention in Chicago?

5. What up and comer gave a roundly panned convention nominating speech at the 1988 Democratic Convention?

6. Which up and coming Latino star lawmaker from New Jersey addressed the 1992 Republican convention?

7. When was the last time a convention by a major party was held in New Jersey? Which party held that convention?

8. Which New Jersey governor lost his shot to get on a national ticket when at least one party leader made a phone call expressing concern over his decision to  seat civil rights icon Julian Bond as a Georgia delegate?

9. Which New Jersey politician sang a celebratory Irish lullaby at a pub in downtown Denver shortly before President Barack Obama accepted the Democratic nomination for president?

10. How did biotech millionaire John Crowley most lavishly express his party affections to members of the New Jersey delegation at the 2008 Republican Convention in Minneapolis?

11. Which New Jerseyan delivered the keynote address to the 1988 Republican National Convention?

12. Which New Jersey candidate for president competed for his party’s nomination at the 1960 Democratic Convention?

13. Which candidate for president in 1992 delivered a highly controversial set of remarks from the main convention stage that became known as the culture war speech?

14. Who nominated Adlai Stevenson for president at the 1960 Democratic National Convention?

15. Which New Jerseyan made presumptive GOP nominee Donald Trump’s short list of vice presidential candidates in 2016?

16. Which New Jerseyan gave the keynote address at the 2012 Republican National Convention?

17. Which New Jersey Republican defeated Abe Lincoln for his party’s nomination as vice president at the 1856 Republican National Convention?

18. Hillary Clinton is to Bernie Sanders what Al Gore in 2000 was to New Jersey politician…

19. What native New Jerseyan emerged from the 1884 Democratic National Convention as his party’s nominee for president?

20. What New Jersey Governor snagged his party’s nomination for president in 1912?

21. Which late Democratic State Party chairman led the New Jersey delegation at the 1988 Democratic National Convention?

22. Who was the chairman of the New Jersey Republican Party at the 2008 Republican National Convention in Minneapolis?

23. Which failed candidate for president in 1864 went on to be a New Jersey governor?

24. Which Civil War battle helped cement President Abraham Lincoln’s reelection?

25. Cory Booker is right now New Jersey Democrats’ backyard favorite to serve as Hillary Clinton’s running mate, but Rutgers alumni have a special loyalty to WHICH fellow alleged Clinton VP short lister?

26. This body of water was visible from the hotel where the NJ delegation stayed at the 2012 Republican National Convention…

27. What losing candidate for a New Jersey U.S. Senate seat sat high in the stands of Mile High Stadium and listened to Barack Obama accept the Democratic nomination for president in 2008?

28. Who was NJ party chairman for the Democrats when Bill Clinton accepted his party’s nomination for president at the 1992 convention?

29. Virginia Senator Tim Kaine is on Hillary Clinton’s VP short list RIGHT NOW. Who was the last candidate for New Jersey governor whom Kaine campaigned for in the Garden State?

30. Who served as chairman of John McCain’s 2008 presidential campaign in New Jersey?

31. Which year was Jose Arango a New Jersey delegate to the Republican National Convention?

32. Who served as chairman of the New Jersey Democratic Party at the 2012 convention in North Carolina only to find himself out of party favor four years later in time for the Philadelphia convention?

33. Which powerful party leader from New Jersey was indicted on mail fraud charges at the tail end of the 2008 Republican National Convention?

34. Which losing candidate for the presidency campaigned in Newark with the late Phil Thigpen and went on to deliver one of the all-time memorable convention concession speeches?

35. Which major party nominee in the last 50 years kicked off a presidential campaign at Liberty State Park?

  PolitickerNJ’s National Party Conventions Pop Quiz in Honor of the RNC