Social Download: Internet Reacts to Shark Week

Shark Week!
Shark Week! Discovery

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Happy Fourth of July! We could pretend that people have been tweeting and ‘gramming about all manner of television these last few days, but who are we kidding? It’s Shark Week, and during Shark Week, there’s only one hashtag that matters.

Here are some pets dressed up as sharks for your viewing pleasure.

Aw jeez, best buddies!

Handsomest guy on the Internet!

Oh my god, it’s the mythical pigshark!

Turns out lots of people actually got shark tattoos this week. Maybe there was a special?

Nail art: a less permanent way to profess your love for Shark Week.

And then there’s all the food. Or is it called “chum”?

  Social Download: Internet Reacts to Shark Week