The Future of Work in Five Charts

Here are 5 charts that show you the future of work, based on the present, which is likely the past depending on when you’re reading this.

Middle Management

1. The size of Middle Management will swell as the number of people who aren’t that important flood the workforce.

Why they call it middle management.
Why they call it middle management. (Image:


2. As the workforce grows, it will become increasingly time-consuming to keep each member of the team up to date on various statuses.

Updates (Image:

Meetings and Email

3. As meetings grow longer and longer, workers will look to email to follow up on conversations, that will then be needed to be taken back to a meeting.

Meetings and email
Meetings and email (Image:

Meeting Preparation

4. With so many meetings, preparing for meetings will be hard.

Meeting prep
Meeting prep (Image:

Time in Meetings

5. Without preparation, the time spent in meetings will be increasingly meaningless.

Time in meetings
Time in meetings (Image:

Sarah Cooper is a writer, comedian and creator of Her first book, 100 Tricks to Appear Smart in Meetings comes out October 4th. The Future of Work in Five Charts