WATCH: Booker Introduces Lady Gaga at Camden DNC Concert

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Cory Booker introduced Lady Gaga Thursday during insurance executive George Norcross’ celebratory concert for the Democratic National Convention, across the river from the DNC. The concert is one of the biggest peripheral events ever for a party convention on either side of the aisle. Lenny Kravitz and DJ Jazzy Jeff are entertaining invitees like President Obama and his wife Michelle as well as Bill and Hillary Clinton and Joe and Jill Biden.


Given Norcross’ media blackout of the concert, the video of the U.S. Senator from New Jersey introducing the famously outlandish pop-star could be the most the general public sees of the event until social media captures and commentary start rolling in. Booker spoke during the first night of the convention Monday, delivering well-received remarks before returning to his seat next to Bill Clinton.

Philly Voice, the online outlet where Norcross’ daughter Lexie serves as executive director, is the only media organization covering the concert.

Norcross said in a statement that he hopes the concert will bring national attention to Camden, one of the nation’s poorest municipalities. The influential South Jersey Democratic boss has been instrumental in luring private companies to relocate to the city.

“With the Philadelphia skyline in the background, it is a perfect time to bring Camden out of the shadows for the country to see what can be done to rebuild even the most troubled of our cities,” Norcross said. “The transformation of Camden highlights the hard work of many, including the building and trade craftsmen who are committed to rebuilding urban areas throughout America.” WATCH: Booker Introduces Lady Gaga at Camden DNC Concert