AG’s Indigo Capsule Collection Is the Most Comfortable Way to Wear Denim

And they've produced it in a slew of styles, from dresses to trousers and beyond!

A look from the Indigo Capsule Collection

A look from the Indigo Capsule Collection (Photo: Courtesy AG).

Remember jeggings? If you decided to block them out of your memory, here’s a refresher: They were skintight, available in a slew of shades and they were well-known as being the most comfortable way to wear denim.

Now, in 2016, there’s a more tasteful way to cop some comfy blues, and it has nothing to do with a legging hybrid situation. Instead, it’s yarn-died indigo knitwear. If you have no idea what that means, let’s break it down.

Indigo Knit for boys and girls!

Indigo Knit for boys and girls! (Photo: Courtesy AG).

Technically, the fabric is a knit, but its color is provided by indigo, the dye most commonly used in denim products. Often appearing similar to your favorite pair of dark jeans, these pieces are soft, stretchy and most importantly, extremely comfortable.

The latest must-have range in this style is the Indigo Capsule Collection by AG, which landed in stores today. A mix of slinky dresses and cropped tops for women, plus slouchy jackets and easy t-shirts for men, this is the coziest trend of the moment. And we’re not mad about it.

An indigo knit dress

An indigo knit dress (Photo: Courtesy AG).

In order to get some more intel on AG’s designs, we asked the designer of this capsule, Sandy Oh, and the brand’s VP of global communications, Jonathan Crocker, to tell us about their favorite pieces in the range.

Sandy Oh, Indigo Capsule Designer at AG

  1. Nona Sweatshirt
    Nona Sweatshirt

    Nona Sweatshirt (Photo: Courtesy AG).

    The structure and silhouette of this sweatshirt is what makes this piece very special.  I also love the tall funnel neck along with seams used to create this unusual shape.

  2. Sphere Top
    Sphere Top

    Sphere Top (Photo: Courtesy AG).

    This a great knit version of a woven button down. It’s a staple piece in your wardrobe to be worn with your favorite pair of jeans or of course styled back to any of the capsule bottoms.

  3. Cylin Dress
    Cylin Dress

    Cylin Dress (Photo: Courtesy AG).

    A very basic elbow sleeve turtleneck dress that can be very casual yet feminine.  I love the versatility of this dress and the great rib fabrication that allows for the casual elevated feel of this collection.

  4. Hexa Pri Pant
    Hexa Pri Pant

    Hexa Pri Pant (Photo: Courtesy AG).

    This high waisted pleated trouser is one of my favorites not only due to the very tailored influence but the use of pleating down the center front to create volume. It’s fabrication is also very unique in that this compact knit takes on a very woven characteristic which allows for it to be more structures which is an important element in this Indigo Capsule Collection.

  5. Dodeca Coat
    Dodeca Coat

    Dodeca Coat (Photo: Courtesy AG).

    This Men’s coat is a great genderless peace.  A great outer piece for both men and women to have as part of your Fall wardrobe.  I love that this looks great over a denim jacket for layering or alone as a great knit coat that pulls with look together with comfort and sophistication.

Johnathan Crocker, VP of Global Communications at AG

  1. Dodeca
    Dodeca Coat

    Dodeca Coat (Photo: Courtesy AG).

    This coat is beautifully constructed on the inside with sartorial details and is lightweight, making it ideal to layer over a denim jacket or under a heavier coat.  This piece is truly genderless and works for both men and women.

  2. Salinon Striped Shirt
    Salinon Striped Shirt

    Salinon Striped Shirt (Photo: Courtesy AG).

    The Salinon striped shirt’s raw hem and exaggerated length is an interesting take on a classic men’s crew that the more fashion discerning man will appreciate.

  3. Lune Pant
    Lune Pant

    Lune Pant (Photo: Courtesy AG).

    The pleats and belt make this pant a more statement piece.  Adding those details elevate the look and feel of an otherwise more casual fabric and pant.

  4. Icosa Sweater
    Icosa Sweater

    Icosa Sweater (Photo: Courtesy AG).

    The Icosa Raglan Sweatshirt is very minimal and clean with subtle seam detailing.  The pouch on this sweater also folds completely under so that the pocket lays flat to the body.

AG’s Indigo Capsule Collection Is the Most Comfortable Way to Wear Denim