Bella Hadid, Leonardo DiCaprio Star in Visionaire Artist Commercials

Inside the latest installation by Visionaire at Cadillac House

"Private" starring Bella Hadid

“Private” starring Bella Hadid (Photo courtesy of Visionaire).

Cadillac House, the gallery-showroom hybrid located at the base of the car manufacturer’s newly opened Manhattan headquarters at 330 Hudson Street, has quickly risen to rival the likes of Milk and Spring Studios with its programming encompassing all things fashion, food and art. In its latest addition to the space, Visionaire, the collectible magazine published by creative forces Cecilia Dean and James Kaliardos, is opening its second exhibit in celebration of the mag’s 25th anniversary. Simply entitled “Visionaire Artist Commercials,” the series of 33 short films will be on display through August 31 at Cadillac House. Each film is inspired by an issue of Visionaire released throughout the last quarter century, which are often based on lofty, single-word themes like desire, power, private and fantasy. 


“Free” (Photo courtesy of Visionaire).

Given the magazine’s access to power players across every corner of culture, there are many highlights. They include an intimate film by Tyler Ford of supermodel Bella Hadid’s “personal moments,” like brushing her teeth and watching TV, entitled “Private,” and a chronological montage of Leonardo DiCaprio eating and drinking throughout his films compiled by Ivan Oita entitled “Taste.” 

"Free" starring Marina Abramovic

“Free” starring Marina Abramovic (Photo courtesy of Visionaire).

“We have a list of themes and subjects we want to explore, as well as artists we want to work with and techniques we want to use,” co-founder Cecilia Dean told us of the themes selected for each issue. “It’s about that moment when all the pieces come together and make sense. It’s not a precise science. It would be a lot easier if it were!” Among her favorite films is “Fantasy,” a surreal short by Alice Rosati and Charlie Le Mindu inspired by Visionaire’s 26th issue, which features Dior couture, contortionists, long-haired creatures and a blue-painted woman. 

The 25th anniversary celebration doesn’t stop there. “We have a book coming out on October 25, published by Rizzoli, that is 472 pages featuring 1,453 amazing images by our contributing artists,” Dean said. “We are also releasing our 66th issue of Visionaire called Ritual which is sculptural and like no other issue we have done so far.” 


“Fantasy” (Photo courtesy of Visionaire).

Bella Hadid, Leonardo DiCaprio Star in Visionaire Artist Commercials