Challenger Takes a Shot at Congressman Frank Pallone Over Website

A centrist Republican congressional hopeful is hoping to replace longtime incumbent Frank Pallone.

A centrist Republican congressional hopeful calls longtime incumbent Frank Pallone short on policy details, pointing to the congressman’s website.

A first-time congressional candidate in New Jersey’s 6th congressional district took aim at 28-year Democratic incumbent Frank Pallone for an incomplete page on the U.S. representative’s website. Republican Brent Sonnek-Schmelz, an elected School Board Member in Atlantic Highlands, called attention to the blank ‘Issues’ page of Pallone’s website Monday as he released his own platform.

Sonnek-Schmelz, who running for the seat in one of New Jersey’s most volatile political battlegrounds in Middlesex and Monmouth Counties, is calling for a formal declaration of war against ISIS, improvements to subpar healthcare for veterans and moving his fellow Republicans to the left on LGBT issues.

“The American people have lost faith in Congress because statesmen who believe in the art of compromise and a commitment to problem-solving are largely a thing of the past, and have been replaced with hyper-partisan, career politicians like Frank Pallone who believe they are entitled to re-election just for putting their name on the ballot every two years,” Sonnek-Schmelz wrote in a statement.

“Ideas matter, substance matters and being willing to color outside the lines matters,” he continued.  “In Congress, I would be an independent voice focused on building a better, more prosperous America for every citizen regardless of their gender, their color, their ethnicity or their place of birth.  Frank Pallone has been in Congress since the 1980’s and things are getting worse, not better. 

The congressman’s ‘About’ page, meanwhile, touts his environmental record and his vote in favor of the Affordable Care Act.

Challenger Takes a Shot at Congressman Frank Pallone Over Website