‘Chrisley Knows Best’ Star Offers Sassy Advice on Dating and Parenting

Todd Chrisley, outspoken husband and father, is the star of the Atlanta-based reality show 'Chrisley Knows Best.'

Todd Chrisley.
Todd Chrisley.

He’s the outspoken husband and father who doles out unconventional, yet extremely honest, and downright funny, advice to his kids, all under the watchful eye of a camera.

Famous for his outrageous statements like “Crazy loves company,” “Ignorance I can fix. Stupid is forever,” and “When you crawl in bed with a snake, don’t bitch when it bites you,” Todd Chrisley is the star of the Atlanta-based reality show Chrisley Knows Best.

The half-hour comedy features Todd’s wife Julie, his mother Faye, and the Chrisley kids – Lindsie, Chase, Savannah and Grayson – all of whom have a knack for getting into trouble and pushing their parent’s buttons as all attempt to navigate their hectic, often hilarious, lives.

The upcoming season of the show promises more over-the-top, comedic moments from this outspoken southern troop as Todd and Julie celebrate 20-years of marriage with a family trip, Chase works to establish a real estate career and pageant loving Savannah aims to win the Miss Teen USA crown. In the midst of this, Lindsie attempts to broker peace between Todd and his son-in-law Will, and Grayson tries to go on his first date.

The elder Chrisley admits, in his heavy Southern drawl, that one of his favorite moments this season involves Chase getting his wisdom teeth out “I’m not going to lie to you, as morbid as it is, I did get joy out of it. I’m so sick and tired of hearing him tell me he’s a grown-ass man while he’s laying there crying like a baby.”

Chrisley says that this year both he and his offspring are struggling as they all mature in different ways. “Chase and Savannah are young adults now, and you know, they’re going out into the world and so I’m going through the struggles with that. So you’re going to see kids in transition. You’re going to see [Julie and I] doing the same thing that so many parents across this country are doing when their kids leave home, which is us trying to still micromanage to a certain degree, but how much we can micromanage? I think that it becomes increasingly more difficult because they have outside interference now that they didn’t have before [because they don’t live at home.]

Chrisley is also concerned about his kid’s love lives as well. “[They talk about] people that they think that they’re in love with and that hung the moon, that they’re going to be with until the day they die, and I just want to bang my head against the concrete.”

But, he insists that he’s instilled important values in both his son and his daughter about how to treat, and deal with, the opposite sex. “I said to Savannah the other night, she’s dating someone that we don’t particularly like, I told her, ‘listen, honey, I have raised you to be a strong, independent, assertive, caring, respectable young lady, and what you need to remember is that anytime a woman has to spend her day making excuses for her man, she’s with the wrong man, because all that man’s doing is standing in the way of a good man coming along.’”

As for Chase, Chrisley says, “I’ve taught Chase his entire life to be respectful and to always remember that the girl that he’s looking to date is someone else’s daughter, sister, grandchild, niece, or best friend and that he should treat them with respect.”

In true Todd Chrisley fashion, he adds, “I tell Chase every day that, ‘listen, a chick can’t act like she deserves Louboutins when she’s acting like flip-flops. I mean, don’t be out here dating girls that have no respect for themselves, because if they don’t respect themselves they’re not going to respect you.’”

After four seasons sharing everything in front of the camera, Chrisley admits that he’s learned a thing or two about himself, saying, “I think the show has been very liberating, not only for myself but for my family as a whole because it has brought us closer together and caused us to have less concern about someone else’s opinion of us.”

Chrisley insists that he won’t do a ‘sales pitch’ for the show, but does say that he feels blessed that viewers tune in. “I feel such an obligation to make sure that we’re being honest and sincere and that everything that we go through in our lives is being given to you so then maybe viewers won’t make some of the mistakes that we’ve made. So I think that the best way for me to ask you to watch our show is by me being who I truly am.”

Chrisley Knows Best airs Tuesdays at 10pm and 10:30pm on USA.

‘Chrisley Knows Best’ Star Offers Sassy Advice on Dating and Parenting