Club Soda Teaches New Yorkers How to Flirt, Date and Party Sober

This party is is all about soup and salad, not spirits.

No more G&Ts.

No more G&Ts. (Photo: Sandra Mu/Getty Images)

On August 23, a party will be thrown at Sub Rosa on West 12th Street. It has a line-up of A+ sponsors, an all-star crowd and healthy eats. But unlike other glamorous Manhattan fêtes, this one is entirely dry. Club Soda, hosted by wellness expert Ruby Warrington of The Numinous, is all about soup and salad, rather than spirits.

The event offers more than just health food–there will be a group discussion about what leads people to drink, be it a rough relationship or a long day at the office, followed by Biet Simkin giving a talk on how to flirt while sober (which is frankly a talk even those who aren’t teetotalers could use). Simkin will discuss her favorite flirtations, to make people realize they don’t have to date while drunk (even if Tinder encounters will be even more awkward), and that alcohol isn’t necessary for intimate encounters. At the end of the evening, intuition coach Betsy LeFae will help people make better choices about cocktails–obviously, about not drinking at all, not about which drink to choose. An intuition coach isn’t quite as granola as it sounds: LeFae has a BA in psychology and uses her work in the field to help people develop their intuition.

Club Soda is meant to dispel the myth that folks can only have fun while partying. New York is notorious for being a town that enjoys a cocktail, whether it’s the cast of How I Met Your Mother gathering at the bar for a rundown, Gossip Girl‘s Blair Waldorf sipping on martinis or Carrie Bradshaw’s iconic Cosmos. Club Soda wants New Yorkers to realize that cocktails aren’t always key, and to think about the reasons they drink. “What if we were actually more confident, more relaxed, funnier, sexier, and a better friend…sober?” the event asks. If you’ve been scared to give up drinking but think you need more of a detox than a juice cleanse can bring, Club Soda might be the place to start. It’s meant to teach “positive drinking,” where you can still enjoy the occasional cocktail, while being mindful. The event is for people who want to drink less but are afraid of how it will impact their dating lives and for those who “want to experience getting crazy high on your own supply.” If you’re not yet ready to give up an endless supply of vodka sodas, it might not be for you–but if you’re worried that your occasional glasses of wine might be turning into something more, it is a stepping stone.

Club Soda Teaches New Yorkers How to Flirt, Date and Party Sober