Dress Like an Olympian and Workout Like a Wellness Writer

And a brand new resort in Nicaragua that's just like Jurassic Park, minus the dinosaurs

From sunrise to sunset, Nekupe delivers experiences to keep you stimulated and inspired. Satisfy your spirit with daily yoga classes, evening poetry readings, marimba dancing and private cooking lessons.
Brand new Nicaraguan resort Nekupe offers everything from yoga classes to poetry readings and marimba lessons.

Everything fitness, from must-try classes to new athleisure lines. 

Watch editors workout: If you grow tired of the Olympics, you can always head to YG Studios. On July 27, they hosted a whole slew of top wellness editors from Shape and Health to compete in the MediaLympics. They were challenged in dance cardio, boot camp and on their sculpting moves. We wonder which mag was the triumphant Simone Biles of journalism? via YG Studios

Men care more than women about beauty: A new study proclaims that four out of 10 men use beauty products to accentuate or minimize facial features, including uneven skin, signs of aging and dryness. So, ladies, if you’re dating a man with nothing more than dirty bar of soap in his bathroom, tell him that more than half of the respondents spend about 30 minutes a day on their appearance, going beyond basic hygiene. via SkinInfo. 

Ride your very own ATV: Can’t get enough of the new luxury locations in Nicaragua? There’s another one to add to your list. Next month, Nekupe Sporting Resort and Retreat is opening, offering an animal sanctuary, ATVs for guests for a personalized Jurassic Park experience, horseback riding, skeet shooting and fishing, all topped off with the usual wellness roster of yoga and meditation. via Nekupe.

Dress like an Olympian (gold medal optional): The yoga pant aficionados at Sweaty Betty have launched London Edit, inspired by the current games (and not the Hunger ones). The capsule collection is only available at the Flatiron location, on Madison Avenue and in the East Hampton pop-up shop, priced from $125 to $485. via Sweaty Betty.

Dress Like an Olympian and Workout Like a Wellness Writer