Jill Stein’s Harambe Tweets Brought Out the Best in Weird Twitter

The Green Party candidate tried to blame the media for the backlash

Why can't we just let Harambe stay dead?
Why can’t we just let Harambe stay dead?

If you thought millennial outreach to voters couldn’t get worse than Hillary Clinton telling people to “Pokémon Go to the polls,” this weekend Dr. Jill Stein proved you wrong.

On Sunday the Green Party presidential candidate, who is polling at only three percent, decided to bring back a meme that most of the internet would rather forget:

Twitter immediately pounced—many people pointed out that in commemorating Harambe, Stein ignored the fact that yesterday was also the anniversary of important human civil rights milestones like the March on Washington and the killing of Emmett Till:

Others noted that Stein wasn’t helping her own sagging poll numbers—five percent of Americans say they would vote Harambe for president, which means the dead gorilla is more popular than Stein herself:

Mostly, however, the internet just had a lot of fun at both Stein and Harambe’s expense:

Stein went on the defensive this morning, blaming the media for covering her social media presence more than her work with humans:

But Twitter decided not to take policy advice from someone who thinks Wi-Fi is frying kids’ brains:

Harambe (and apes in general) are actually part of the Green Party platform—the group advocates for primates to have “legal rights and protected status as living beings.” Jill Stein’s Harambe Tweets Brought Out the Best in Weird Twitter