Kate Moss Gets Nearly Naked for a New Cashmere Company

The name of the company is Naked Cashmere.

Kate Moss
Kate Moss (Photo: Courtesy Naked Cashmere).

New York might be in the midst of a major heat wave, but your eternal style icon, Kate Moss, is here to sell you some cashmere. So before reading any further, you may want to pump up the AC.

Moss stripped down for the launch of Naked Cashmere, a direct-to-consumer label. Technically she’s nude, save for a simple swath of cashmere, but that’s aside the point. Naked Cashmere was founded by Bruce and Leslie Gifford following a trip to Mongolia. The duo are also the founders of 360Cashmere and after 20 years in the industry, they wanted to offer consumers an affordable take on the luxury knit. The online-only brand is set to launch this September and their almost blank website promises “Natural Luxury at Unnatural prices,” so you know their product has to be interesting, at the very least.

Moss on the beach in her cashmere
Moss on the beach in her cashmere (Photo: Courtesy Naked Cashmere).

However, the Giffords promise not to skimp on quality, and if their first ad campaign is any indication, they will live up to that promise. They tapped Peter Lindbergh to shoot Moss in this campaign and the whole concept was put together by advertising guru David Lipman. This is a rather high fashion move for a new, affordable label.

While cashmere is probably the last thing on your mind, these images of Moss wearing cashmere by the sea should at least help ease you into the fall weather, when it arrives in the next month or so. Kate Moss Gets Nearly Naked for a New Cashmere Company